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The Embassy of Belarus in Berlin


Address: Am Treptower Park 32, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 30 536 35 90
Fax: (+49) 30 536 359 23

Email: germany@mfa.gov.by

Website: germany.mfa.gov.by

The Ambassador

Amb. Denis Sidorenko


Denis Sidorenko was born on March 10th, 1976 in Minsk in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus, is married with two daughters and has been serving the Republic of Belarus as Ambassador to Germany since 2016.

Sidorenko studied International Relations at the National University of Minsk and completed his studies in 1998. In the same year he began working in the Department for European Cooperation within the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. Between 2002 and 2009 he was the full-time representative of the Republic of Belarus to the OSCE in Vienna. In 2009 he was appointed Ambassador to Austria until 2013 when he returned to Minsk to work as the leader of the Department for European Cooperation within the Foreign Ministry. In 2016 Sidorenko became the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Sidorenko speaks Russian, English, German and French.



Relations between the two countries took place in 1923.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Germany was one of the first countries to recognize Belarus as an independent state. When the Federal Foreign Minister of Germany Hans-Dietrich Genscher visited Belarus on the 13th of March 1992, an Agreement on the resumption of diplomatic relations was signed. In the same year the Embassy of Germany was opened and it became one of the first diplomatic missions in Minsk. The first Belarusian Ambassador to Germany commenced work in January 1993.

In 1996 President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Germany and in 1998 which has contributed to the development of bilateral relations between the two states. Regular contacts between the various ministries and departments of the two countries significantly intensified and expanded the areas of cooperation.

At the moment cooperation between Belarus and Germany is based on almost 30 intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements. The Belarusian-German Economic Cooperation Council was founded in 1992. The cooperation between its sessions is carried out within the framework of the Belarusian-German Working group on trade and investment. The Belarusian-German Working group on scientific and technological cooperation was established in 1996, and the Belarusian-German non-governmental Council for Business Cooperation appeared in 2011.