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The Embassy of Hungary in Berlin

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Amb. Peter Györkös

Amb. Györkös obtained a Diploma in International Relations in 1988. In 1992, Amb. Györkös graduated with a PhD at the University of Economics Budapest, in Hungary. His Dissertation was about the "Plans for German unity in the period of division and Unification of Germany ".



The Federal Republic of Germany opened a trade mission with Budapest in 1964. The two countries established diplomatic relations in December 1973, following the Federal Republic of Germany’s accession to the United Nations. Bilateral political relations are close and positive. Relations between the two countries are also reflected by frequent official state visits. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Hungary most recently in February 2015. The two countries’ foreign ministers met in Berlin on 4 April 2016.

With regard to the economic relations between Germany and Hungary, they are exceptionally close and intensive. In 2015, Germany remained Hungary’s most important trading partner. Approximately a quarter of Hungary’s foreign trade was with Germany. In 2013, bilateral trade stood at approximately EUR 39 billion and rose to around EUR 46 billion in 2015. The German language plays an important role in Hungary, in education, society and business. The Goethe Institute in Budapest offers a comprehensive range of courses and cooperates closely with schools in Hungary. Across the country, 45 Hungarian schools participate in the Schools: Partners for the Future initiative (PASCH).

Hungary is also one of the project countries in the German Language Certificate (DSD I, DSD II and DSD Pro) programme.