African Embassies

20240617 Angola and Mozambique.jpg
June 17th, 2024
The new ambassador of Mozambique to Germany, Elias Jaime Zimba, attended a courtesy meeting at the Angolan Embassy in Berlin with Angolan ambassador Balbina Dias da Silva.
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20240616 Cameroonian Citizens.jpg
The embassy in Berlin opened the registration for the 2025 elections in Cameroon
20240610 Presentation of the Book.jpg
Exploring the Role of the German Foreign Ministry in Colonial History June 10th, 2024
20240531 Happy Africa Day.jpg
Ambassadors of the Vienna-based Africa Group and ambassador of South Africa take part to Africa Day celebrations
20240529 New Austrian Commercial.jpg
Opportunity to Reinforce Kenya-Austria Relations in Trade and Business
20240528 Democratic Spaces.jpg
The South African Embassy in Vienna is co-hosting an event to mark the 30 years of post-apartheid
20240524 Tulia Ackson.jpg
The Tanzanian delegation led efforts to strengthen the role of parliaments in promoting peace and nuclear security, engaging in discussions on the renewal of international nuclear treaties
20240523 South African Ambassador.jpg
The event reflected on three decades of change in post-Apartheid South Africa
20240522 Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco.jpg
A seminar and book launch highlighted deep historical ties and future cooperation between Morocco and Austria
20240521 Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya.jpg
CCPCJ and global partners convened in Vienna to raise awareness on anti-crime initiatives and promote women’s empowerment
20240515 Reparation of Cultural Property.jpg
The meeting was aimed at conducting discussions on issues surrounding Cameroonian cultural heritage from the colonial context stored in German museums
20240514 The Struggle.jpg
110 years of anti-colonial resistance
20240510 German-African Cooperation 01.jpg
Niger’s Ambassador to Germany Welcomes German Economic Development Minister
20240504 Promotion of Burkinabe Culture.jpg
The Burkina Electric Group visits the Embassy in Vienna
20240426 Burundis Minister of Foreign Affairs.jpg
Albert Shingiro visited the ICD in Berlin on April 8th, 2024 to promote cultural ties and dialogue as part of his diplomatic mission
20240425 African Book Festival.jpg
The Queer Edition of the African Book Festival will showcase African and Afro-diasporic authors from the LGBTQI+ community
20240423 The Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.jpg
The ambassador is scheduled to arrive in Berlin on April 23rd, 2024
20240422 Zambias Ambassador.jpg
In February, Mrs. Winnie Natala Chibesakunda participated in the remembrance ceremony of the late President Hage G. Geingob of the Republic of Namibia
20240419 Diplomatic Dialogue.jpg
Fostering Cross-Continental Relations Through Diplomatic Engagement
20240418 Zambia Strategic.jpg
Optimistic Outcomes Expected from Increased Engagement and Collaboration
20240417 Togo Embassy.jpg
Highlighting Business Opportunities and Investment Priorities
20240416 Memorial Service.jpg
Remembering a Lifelong Fighter Against Apartheid and Social Injustice
20240415 The 13th Anniversary.jpg
Reflecting on Progress and National Unity in GERD’s Development
20240412 Reading of the Holy Quran.jpg
The ceremony was organized on the 7th of January 2024 by Aliou Barry, the Ambassador Extraordinary of the Republic of Guinea to Germany
20240411 Award Ceremony.jpg
On 12th February 2024, the Ambassador of Mauritania to Germany was appointed member of the German National merit system by German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier
20240409 Ambassador of Angola.jpg
Philanthropical and commercial collaboration between Angola and the German company MESSANI GmbH
20240325 Senegal President.jpg
"The inauguration of the German Corporation BioNTech Africa, a cutting-edge manufacturing facility for mRNA-based vaccines"
20240306 Development Minister Schulze.jpg
"Exit announcement by Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger"
20240201 Working for an End to the Violence in the Sudan.jpg
Annalena Baerbock travels to East Africa
20240106 South African- German Cultural Exchange of Choirs.jpg
A development partnership between the "Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal and the City of Wolfsburg
20240105 Promoting Africa as a Sustainable Business Partner.jpg
The German Chancellor’s statement at the Compact with Africa Conference
20231101 German Head of State visit to Zambia.jpg
Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier payed a state visit to the Republic of Zambia from 1 to 3 November.
20231031 Official visit to Tanzania.jpg
From 30 October to 1 November, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier payed an official visit to the United Republic of Tanzania.
20230429_Celebrating Zimbabwes Independence.jpg
Vongai Monica Mujakachi's Poem "Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo" Inspires Zimbabweans to Build a Stronger Nation Together
20230429_The Zimbabwe Embassy.jpg
Ambassador Alice Mashingaidze Highlights the Importance of Cultural Diplomacy and Values at the Event Featuring Local Cuisine, Music, and Poems.
The commemoration event in Berlin of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda
20230426_The Embassy of Tanzania Participates.jpg
Together with KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd, the Embassy of Tanzania fostered business partnerships and Tanzanian tourism attractions in Warsaw, Kraków, Budapest, and Prague
20230419_Struggle of Memory.jpg
20230323_The Zambian Embassy in Berlin.jpg
A five-day roadshow of Africa organized by Eurowings Discovery
20230318_The Organization HCTE.jpg
Fostering Unity and Development: the Organization HCTE Meets Togolese Diaspora in Berlin
20230309_South African Stand at ITB.jpg
Ambassador of South Africa Together with the Deputy Minister of Tourism of South Africa, Fish Mahlalela, and the South African Director of Tourism Operations, Nomasonto Ndlovu, met with the exhibitors at the stand
20230309_Alice Mashingaidze.jpg
Keynote Address by Alice Mashingaidze (Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Germany)
20230309_Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndlovu.jpg
Keynote Address by Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndlovu (Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism & Hospitality Industry of Zimbabwe)
20230309_Stephen Mubiru.jpg
A Keynote Address by Stephen Mubiru (Ambassador, Uganda Embassy to Berlin)
20230307_Egyptian Minister of Tourism.jpg
Egypt's Tourism and Antiquities Minister leads delegation to promote country's tourism industry at ITB Berlin
20230307_Vera Kamtukule.jpg
A Keynote Address by Vera Kamtukule (Minister of Tourism of Malawi)
20230307_Joel Randriamandranto.jpg
A Keynote Address by Joël Randriamandranto (Minister of Tourism of Madagascar)
20230225_Cameroon and Burkina Faso Embassies.jpg
The Burkinabe director Apolline Traoré wins the 25° Panorama Audience Award with the movie Sira
20230127_Ghana-Germany Partnership.jpg
The Ossberger energy plant in Weißenberg, Bavaria, showcases the benefits of transitioning to sustainable energy sources, as Ghana and Germany collaborate to promote renewable energy development
Khaled Galal Abdelhamid.jpg
H.E. Amb. Khaled Galal Abdelhamid (Ambassador of Egypt to Germany)
Zohour Alaoui.jpg
“Perspectives from Morocco- at time of Fall of the Wall Anniversary in the Wake of the Russian-Ukraine Conflict”
Khaled Galal Abdelhamid.jpg
"Ukraine and Security in Middle East"
Mulu Solomon Bezuneh.jpg
H.E. Mulu Solomon Bezuneh (Ambassador of Ethiopia to Germany)
Mulu Solomon Bezuneh.jpg
“Ethiopian Public and Cultural Diplomacy”
20220906_African Book Festival in Berlin 01.jpg
South African Embassy brings the complexities of multilingualism into light
Appolonie Nibona.jpg
Appolonie Nibona (Ambassador of Burundi to Germany)
Appolonie Nibona.jpg
"Keynote Address"
Regina Ingekem Ocheni.jpg
"Nigeria-Challenges and the way forward"
‘So, the traditional costume, dress, haircut and accessories are a way of showing that as a country we are different but open to everyone and open to negotiation.’
20200320_The Bilateral Ties.jpg
H.E. Anthony Mukwita and his thoughts on the Zambia-Germany relation
20200319_The Power Of Colors.jpg
An exhibition on returning to the roots with Willy M. Gbedji
20200313_The beautiful Art.jpg
A different way to represent the Egyptian culture
20200228_The Role of Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
Interview with EDB Mauritius representatives Mrs. Jeetha; Boojhawon and the Embassy’s First Secretary Ashwin Ruhee
An interview with H.E. Keshwar Jankee
A dialogue on cultural promotion and exchange - culture as an instrument of integration and solidarity between Tunisian and German communities
Shoring up stability: Germany’s initiatives to promote peace in the Lake Chad region
20191021_Zambias National Day.jpg
Zambia observes October 18th as a Day of Prayer, Repentance and Reconciliation.
20191017_The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese.jpg
‘’Tracing the reformation and the Anglican History’’ was the theme of the retreat in Berlin
20191008_2019 BMW Berlin Marathon.jpg
A record number of 46,983 runners from 150 countries
20191004_Reinforcing economic relations.jpg
The first Uganda-Germany International Business Convention
20190924_Egyptian-German relations.jpg
A look into current developments between Egyptian-German cultural, economic and political relations, with Amb. Badr Abdellatty at Embassy of Egypt
20190917_Business meeting at the South African Embassy.jpg
Sharing investment prospects with the CEO of Thyssenkrupp
20190826_Exhibition Connecting.jpg
Connecting Afro Futures in Berlin, a unique experience to discover African culture during three months
20190820_Celebrating the 10th Economic Forum of the Pan-African Women’s Day.jpg
An opportunity to foster African women’s work in Germany
20190819_Edo Community of Nigeria in Berlin.jpg
Edo delegates and Nigerian Embassy in Berlin work for a closer cooperation
20190816_Happy Birthday.jpg
Zambia Embassy honored Kalusha Bwalya for his 56th birthday
20190815_H.E. Amb. Badr Abdel Aati.jpg
Egypt plans to increase the volume of German investments according to Embassy of Egypt, Berlin
20190814_Amb. Badr Abdel Aati in Talks with Germany.jpg
Egypt government is discussing with German officials on the establishment of a teacher training academy in Egypt
20190814_Amb. Badr Abdel Aati in Talks with Germany.jpg
Egypt government is discussing with German officials on the establishment of a teacher training academy in Egypt
20190813_Rencontres Internatrionales.jpg
From 20 to 25 August will be held in Berlin the festival of visual and contemporary arts
20190808_Government-backed African Advisory Centre.jpg
The African Network of Germany (TANG) has opened a new office in Dortmund
20190812_Remembering Resistance.jpg
Berlin commemorates African resistance to German colonialism
20190812_Nigerian Community.jpg
NIDOG pay its respects to the “nuclear physicist and IT expert”
20190807_National womens day.jpg
South African Embassy and South African Consulate General celebrate the National Women's Day 2019, on 9 August
20190807_German Government welcomes.jpg
Pointing out the diverse reasons leading people to flee their country
20190806_Second Annual Igbo Cultural Day.jpg
On August 17 the festival dedicated to the Igbo culture will be held in Nuremberg
20190805_The Growing Relationship between Uganda.jpg
The Hungarian Foreign Minister of the Republic of Uganda, Hon. Sam Kutesa, praises Uganda
20190805_Africa Youth Day.jpg
A great cultural event for the little ones will take place in Leopoldpaltz
20190802_The Implementation of Dual Study.jpg
Ambassador Sizani meets Professors from the University of Baden-Württemberg and the University of Osnabrück
20190802_The Implementation of Dual Study Programs.jpg
Ambassador Sizani meets Professors from the University of Baden-Württemberg and the University of Osnabrück
20190801_Germany Africa Business Forum.jpg
A funding commitment for the development of renewable energy
20190731_6th German-African Healthcare Forum.jpg
A collaboration of great minds in medicine to address issues of health and sanitation in Africa
20190731_Rwanda and Germany.jpg
The Rwandan Private Sector of Federation (PSF) visits the Bundeszentrale of BVMW
20190731_Ambassador Sizani stresses.jpg
Meeting in Berlin to share insights on education
20190730_German Government increases.jpg
Recalling the Lake Chad Conference in Berlin
20190730_The Embassy of Tunisia.jpg
President Essebsi has passed away
20190726_The German Development Bank KfW.jpg
An investment to help Malawi escape extreme Poverty
20190726_German-South African Year.jpg
Dusting off Jürgen Habermas’ notion of “Verfassungspatriotismus”
20190723_Round Table Zimbabwe.jpg
Promoting cooperation between different business sectors in Germany
20190725_Afrika Kommt.jpg
President Frank-Walter Steinmeier receives the 7th intake of the “AFRIKA KOMMT” Initiative!
20190725_African Ambassadors Dialogue with Business.jpg
Promoting cooperation between different business sectors in Germany
20190725_Fit for the African Market.jpg
10th economic forum and the importance of dialogue on the role of women in business
20190724_The New Desk Officer for Uganda.jpg
Hanna Gabriele Becker is the new mandated officer for Uganda
20190723_The First World Health Summit.jpg
The President of the International World Health Summit (WHS) briefed the Ambassador of Uganda to Germany
20190724_1st German- African ICT Forum.jpg
An opportunity for entrepreneurs to cooperate and build networks from established companies all over the world
20190724_Berlin Commemorates African Resistance.jpg
Reminding African Diaspora’s fight for freedom
20190723_German Chancellor welcomed.jpg
German Chancellor welcomed the Diplomatic Corps of the Republic of Madagascar
20190723_Nigerian Culture Celebration.jpg
On 20th July there were two major events concerning the Nigerian Community
20190723_Photo Exhibition.jpg
German perspective on colonial history in Africa
20190723_The 59th anniversary of Madagascar.jpg
On June 26th, the Embassy of Madagascar celebrated its National Day
20190723_Round Table Zimbabwe.jpg
German Ambassador to Zimbabwe invites everyone to join the “Afrikan-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft”
20190722_The South African Consulate.jpg
A celebration of the importance of the life of Nelson Mandela
20190722_Four Kenako Africa Award 2019 winners.jpg
The Kenako Award winners were elected among the participants in the Fair for Bridge Builders, to develop their projects in Africa.
20190722_Classic meets Jazz with Nils Landgren.jpg
On July 25 at the Konzerthaus in Berlin the musician Nils Landgren will play with the MIAGI Youth Orchestra directly from South Africa.
20190719_International Mandela Day.jpg
The South African Ambassador in Berlin participated in social work
20190719_Official Launch of the Biorescue Program.jpg
The Kenyan Embassy launched a program aimed at protecting endangered animals
20190719_International Mandela´s Day.jpg
The South African Embassy in Berlin remembers Mandela as they celebrates his Day
20190719_South African Ambassador Sizani.jpg
Supporting the Bahnhofsmission Zoologischer Garten in Berlin
20190718_nternational Mandela Day.jpg
South African Embassy and South African Consulate General celebrate Mandela Day
20190718_Economic forum.jpg
A panel discussion aimed towards bringing businesses to South Africa
20190718_Meet Africa.jpg
The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce promotes investing in Africa
20190718_The Appeal of the Nigerian Embassy.jpg
Tackle bribes issue involving Nigerian Embassy staff
20190717_South African Ambassador.jpg
Ambassador delivers speech focusing on the progress made by the South African Embassy in Berlin to strengthen relations with the country
20190717_59 Years of Freedom.jpg
The Malagasy Embassy celebrates its Independence Day in Berlin
20190716_Panel discussion.jpg
Focus on the results of the May elections in South Africa
20190711_South African Consulate.jpg
South African Consulate General in Munich
20190710_Berlin strengthens Relations.jpg
A platform piloted by the German Government to discuss about the water crisis in southern AfricaConsolidate political and economic relationship, for the mutual benefit of South African and Germany
20190704_German Africa Foundation.jpg
An occasion to promote and strengthen relations between Germany and Africa, broadening the horizon to new cooperation
20190704_FAT Africa 2019.jpg
A platform piloted by the German Government to discuss about the water crisis in southern Africa
20190701_The Marine Environment.jpg
The German-African Business Association held a conference on the importance of marine sector for the African economy.
20190625_The Tunisian Embassy.jpg
The promotion of Tunisian cinematographic expression in Berlin
20190604_The 56th Anniversary.jpg
Egypt supports economic development in Africa, but it cannot be achieved without peace and security
20190603_The Opening Ceremony.jpg
The Ambassador of Burkina Faso in Berlin solidifies ties between Germany and Francophone West Africa by supporting the CFF
20190531_Madagascar Celebrates.jpg
On 17 of May, H.E Florence Rafaramalala, attended Norway’s Constitution Day Parade to strengthen the ties between the two countries
20190531_Promoting Burkina Faso.jpg
Art as Cultural Diplomacy
20190523_Egyptian Ambassador.jpg
Egypt’s leadership wants to preserve and digitize Egyptian heritage
20190520_Ambassador of Mali.jpg
HE Oumou Sall Seck pays a courtesy call on her counterpart from South Africa in Berlin, HE Phumelele Stone Sizani
20190518_Ethiopian Diaspora.jpg
Promoting Ethiopian culture in Berlin
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift
20190430_The Embassy of South Africa.jpg
The Freedom Day marks 25 years of democracy in South Africa
20190408_Zambia Represented.jpg
The Ambassador of Zambia praises Frank Katebe for making Zambia known to the public
20190405_Francophone Festival.jpg
Celebrating French-speaking cultures and supporting cultural and political relations
20190325_The Ambassador of Zambia.jpg
H. E. Amb. Anthony Mukwita expressed the importance of the Zambian cultural value of ‘unity in diversity’ for peace in his country.
20190319_Madagascar Promotes.jpg
The Madagascar Embassy initiated a new approach to promote their country to the new German generation
20190318_African Book Festival.jpg
Literature as a tool to promote intercultural relations
20190314_Zambian Ambassador.jpg
Ambassador Anthony Mukwita was pleased by the engagement the Embassy had with visitors at the Berlin-based global international tourism fair
20190314_A Joyful Nigerian Afternoon.jpg
The Embassy of Nigeria to Germany managed to bring warm African vibes to the forum
20190312_South African Ambassador.jpg
The Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa in Germany, Phumelele Stone Sizani, welcomed many special guests to the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Berlin
20190312_Ethiopian-Eritrean Peace Celebrations.jpg
Ethiopia and Eritrea to enhance intercultural relations
20190311_The “Come Back Stronger” Culture.jpg
Jamie Le Fanu Stuart and Kevin Okumu depict Uganda as a land of young entrepreneurs, thanks to the nation’s powerful and dynamic mentality
20190206_Multi-Vision Theatre Show.jpg
Experience the many different cultures, lifestyles, landscapes and colors of this beautiful continent
20190206_Beyond Compare.jpg
The Bode Museum in Berlin features a comparative exhibition of sculptures from Africa and Europe
20190205_Promoting Cultural Exchange.jpg
An exhibition of Gamal Kamel at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
20190205_Voices of the Moroccan Diaspora.jpg
Promoting Traditional Moroccan Music during the Gnaoua Festival in Berlin
20190204_Summer 2019 in Berlin.jpg
Promoting networking and sharing experiences to create an African community representation in Berlin
20190204_The Man who Drove with Mandela.jpg
South African embassy in Berlin promotes Berlinale 2019 screening of a documentary about Mandela and Williams
20190204_African Culture Meets Berlin.jpg
The Kenako Africa Festival 2019 will warm Berlin again
« Amachahou rebbi ats iselhou Ats ighzif anechth ousarou » ( Listen, let me tell you a story, God make it beautiful, long and unfold like a long thread).
The Awarding of the Film Draws Significant Awareness of South African Cultural Themes