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20240703 India-Germany.jpg
July 03rd, 2024
On June 25, 2024, the Embassy of India in Berlin, in collaboration with the German Indian Innovation Corridor, recently hosted the India-Germany Innovation Dialogue. The event focused on the growing connections between Indian and German…
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20240702 Ambassador Yanagi.jpg
Discussing Japan's Environmental Commitments with Secretary Jennifer Morgan and preparing for COP29
20240627 Evening Honoring Chingiz.jpg
Celebrating the Life and Work of a Global Literary Icon
20240626 Ambassador of Malaysia.jpg
Fostering Cooperation Between Women Ambassadors and Parliamentarians
20240625 The Philippine Embassy.jpg
Three Filipinos in Berlin received the Kalayaan Award for outstanding achievement
20240620 Symphonic Harmony.jpg
Singaporean Ambassador to Berlin Lee Chong Hock attended the Symphonic Harmony – Young Maestros
20240619 Ambassador Sang Beom Lim.jpg
Focus on Korean-German Relations and Global Concerns
20240619 Meeting between.jpg
Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko met with Governing Mayor of Berlin Kai WEGNER
20240618 Farewell Ceremony.jpg
Celebrating Successful Completion of a Global Diplomatic Training Initiative
20240617 India-Germany Innovation Dialogue.jpg
Exploring Collaborative Opportunities in Innovation and Technology
20240616 Japanese Ambassador.jpg
Ambassador Mizuuchi and Mizuuchi visited the J. & L. LOBMEYR workshop
20240611 Philippine Independence Day.jpg
Filipino Pianist Raul Sunico plays to a full house at Mozarthaus Vienna
20240611 First-of-its-kind.jpg
IAEA Board of Governors participating MIKTA countries food-sharing event
20240610 Ambassador of Pakistan.jpg
The exhibition can be viewed during a pre-registered visit to the Reichstag dome
20240607 Korean Ambassador.jpg
The second Korea-EU Ambassadorial Consultation was held in Vienna
20240607 Visit of Japanese.jpg
Japanese ambassador Mizuuchi, visited two international Japanese companies stationed in Austria
20240607 UN Chinese Language.jpg
Ambassador Min Thein attended the UN Chinese Language Day celebration and reception on ASEAN-China cooperation
20240606 Ambassador of Thailand.jpg
Vilawan Mangklatanakul, Ambassador of Thailand, together with ASEAN Ambassadors in Vienna, participated in the activities of the ASEAN Committee in Vienna (AVC) in meeting with Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia
20240606 Heads of the Parliamentary Apparatuses.jpg
The meeting was organised within the framework of the official visit of Torag Nurlanbek Shakiev to Austria
20240605 Ambassador Qi Mei.jpg
The Austrian finals of the 2024 "Chinese Bridge" World Chinese Proficiency Competition for College and Secondary School Students were held at the University of Vienna
20240605 Symphony of Friendship.jpg
Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Vienna, attended the concert commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Indonesia-Austria relationship
20240604 The First Celebration.jpg
Hosted by The Embassy of India, Berlin along with the Tagore Centre
20240604 Opening Ceremony.jpg
Ambassador of Bangladesh to Austria, Asad Alam Siam, attended the opening ceremony of T20 League
20240603 Nowruz Celebrations.jpg
Ambassador of Afghanistan, Manizha Bakhtari, joined the event, along with the team of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
20240531 Japanese Ambassador to Vienna.jpg
The event, which took place at the Ambassador’s residence, was attended by Austrian dignitaries and representatives of Japanese and Austrian companies
20240529 Korean Ambassador to Vienna.jpg
A year of successful cultural exchange and ‘Korean Wave’ enthusiasm was commemorated
20240529 The Embassy of Thailand.jpg
The Permanent Mission of Thailand and Sri Lanka to the United Nations and UN Officials highlighted Buddha's teachings of peace and compassion together with UN officials
20240527 Chinese Ambassador.jpg
A showcase of Guangxi's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty strengthened China-Austria relations
20240524 Open call for 75th Edition.jpg
The initiative by the Ministry of External Affairs aims to connect Indian Diaspora youth with their ancestral homeland by deepening their understanding of India
20240524 Bangali New Year 1431.jpg
Bangali New Year 1431 was celebrated at the premises of the Bangladesh Embassy and Permanent Mission in Vienna
20240523 Breaking Stereotypes.jpg
The event was dedicated to the role and contribution of Pakistani women in the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes
20240522 Japan in Small Format.jpg
The exhibition "Japan in Small Format" opened, featuring historical picture postcards from the collection of Professor Emeritus Sepp Linhart of Japanese Studies at the University of Vienna
20240521 Shigeo Fukuda.jpg
The exhibition shows over 100 original posters by the famous Japanese graphic designer and poster artist Shigeo Fukuda
20240515 Nowruz Day.jpg
On May 2, 2024, the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna hosted a celebration of International Nowruz Day, co-organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan
20240514 Nepali Professionals.jpg
The Second Nepali Professionals’ Summit, held on May 10-11, 2024, in Berlin, Co-organized by the Embassy of Nepal and GIZ Kathmandu.
20240513 Tajikistan and Germany.jpg
In a diplomatic engagement, Tajikistan’s Ambassador to Germany, Imomudin Sattorov, held a strategic meeting with Michael Harms, Executive Director of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy
20240510 Mindanaoan Foundation.jpg
From Arms to Farms: A Model of Peacebuilding and Sustainability Highlighted in Berlin
20240508 Sri Lanka Marks.jpg
Enhancing Global Presence: Sri Lanka’s Strategic Outreach at the World’s Premier Industrial Fair
20240430 Embassy Roundtable.jpg
Members of the German Bundestag, Members of the Friendship Society "Germany -Uzbekistan", the public, business representatives, experts, journalists and citizens took part in the event hosted in the Embassy of Uzbekistan
20240429 The Embassy of Cambodia.jpg
The celebration was attended by the Ambassador Chheang Thira, who gave a speech for the occasion
20240423 Indian Embassy.jpg
“Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat” Sheds Light on India’s S&T Advancements
20240423 Embassy Visit.jpg
Students Engage with Japan’s Diplomacy and Calligraphy at the Embassy
20240422 Ambassador Wu Ken.png
Cultural Bridges Built Through Music at Berlin Philharmonie's New Year’s Event
20240419 Sacred Uzbekistan.jpg
The Uzbekistan Embassy in Berlin arranged an interview with the author of the book, Stephanie Classmann
20240418 The Sri Lanka Tourism.jpg
Ambassador of Sri Lanka for Germany, Chalaka Gajabahu, and other representatives of the country inform the press on the progress of Sri Lanka tourism
20240417 Aliman.jpg
the Philippine Embassy in Germany hosted a book reading event of “Alinam” by Mikey Ingles
20240416 Landmarks of Pakistan.jpg
A poignant tribute to Ute Elpers for her dedication as a humanitarian artist through the book exhibition at Pakistan House in Berlin
20240415 The Minister of Education.jpg
An MOU for training qualified personnel and sending them from Kyrgyzstan to Germany was signed
20240412 The Embassy of India.jpg
Why do we need to know about Dos and Don'ts in Germany?
20240412 The Embassy of Nepal.jpg
The two-day event encompassed speeches, musical and dance performances, a delightful sampling of Nepali cuisine, and a simulated Everest expedition
20240409 From Traditional Thai Dress.jpg
The Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin, in collaboration with the Society of Indo-Asian Art (GIAK) Berlin, organized a special lecture on Thai transitional textiles
20240410 Deputy Prime Minister.jpg
The Deputy Prime Minister met with Federal President Steinmeier and l Chancellor Scholz during his visit
20240409 Ambassador of Azerbaijan.jpg
Diplomatic Engagements Reinforce Azerbaijan-Germany Relations
20240306 Armenian Culture Evening.jpg
"Symphony of Armenian Culture, Wine and Tourism"
20240118 About Traditions and Customs in the Year of the Dragon.jpg
The Institut français Germany is celebrating Franco-German Day 2024 for a whole week from January 22nd
20240110 Southeast Asia.jpg
dangerous tensions in the South China Sea and opportunities in the economic powerhouse of the world
20231108 German Foreign Minister.jpg
Close partners in times of crisis: G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Tokyo
20230519_The Philippine Embassy.jpg
The Philippine Embassy in Berlin Promotes The Intersectionality of Migration and Gender Through Art
20230424_The Embassy of India.jpg
Bharatanatyam Dance by Radhika Shetty is performed at the Indian Embassy on April 25th, an opportunity to discover a typical indian ballet
20230418_Embassy of India Hosts a Free Yoga Course.jpg
Art of Living Foundation Co-Organizes the Event, Focusing on Stress-Free Living
20230331_Berlin Focuses on Strengthening Cooperation.jpg
The Vietnamese Embassy & VINEU Host Seminar to Implement Just Energy Transition Partnership Agreement and Pursue a Greener Future with International Support
20230323_Book Presentation in the Kyrgyz Embassy.jpg
Insights from Former Kyrgyz Prime Minister Djoomart Otobaev and other Renowned Experts.
20230321_Embassy of the Islamic Republic.jpg
Promoting Afghan Culture and Strengthening Ties Between Afghanistan and Germany
20230318_Para Kay Juana Exhibit.jpg
The women migrants in Germany from Philippines were the protagonists of the Para Kay Juana Exhibit, in commemoration of the National Women's Month
20230313_Embassy of India in Berlin Hosts.jpg
Exploring the Richness of Indian Classical Music
20230308_Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.jpg
A Keynote Address by Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (Minister of Culture of Malaysia)
20230307_Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmad Dalawi.jpg
A Keynote Address by Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmad Dalawi (Vice President of the Iraqi Federal Parliament)
20230307_Kairat Itibaev.jpg
A Keynote Address by Kairat Itibaev (Vice-President of the Tourism Development Support Fund in the Kyrgyz Republic)
20230307_Samat Shatmanov.jpg
A Keynote Address by Samat Shatmanov (Deputy Minister, Director of the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic)
20230225_The Philippine Embassy.jpg
Harana: The Search for the Lost Art of Serenade
20230218_Football Tournament.jpg
Activists of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Berlin and the Kyrgyz Embassy organized a football tournament to commemorate this crucial occurrence for the Kyrgyz people
20221014_Kazakh and German Business.jpg
German-Kazakh relations strong despite the war in Ukraine
The Embassy of India in Berlin is promoting an international film-making competition
20221007_The Instruments of Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
The Embassy of Indonesia celebrates 70 years of Cultural Diplomacy with conference Let’s Talk Culture, where representatives from Indonesia and Germany discuss Indonesian-German relations
20221007_The Instruments of Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
Following 70 highly successful years of cultural relations between Indonesia and Germany, guests were warmly welcomed at the House of Indonesian Culture (Rumah Budaya Indonesia Berlin)
20220922_DAY OF YEMENI.jpg
Get a taste of traditional Yemeni coffee, hosted by the Yemeni-German Association in Berlin and Brandenburg
20220916_Migration Story from Turkey to Germany.jpg
Migration Story from Turkey to Germany through 60 years of music
20220915_Experience Old and Modern K-Pop.jpg
Koreanische Kulturzentrum in Berlin is sponsoring a K-pop concert to spread Korean popular music to German audiences
20220913_Embassy of Thailand commits to Zero Waste.jpg
Thanks to a series of initiatives, the weekly Thai-Park works to fight single use plastic
20220912_Nepal’s Participation.jpg
In July 2022, the Nepalese Embassy participated in BIOFACH 2022 held in Berlin
The SERET 2022 German Israeli Film and Television Festival celebrates its seventh anniversary, taking place between the 4th and 14th September.
The Philippine Embassy in Berlin promotes an event to increase knowledge about the differences of family life in Germany.
Ali Jalali.jpg
Ali Ahmad Jalali ( Former Ambassador of Afghanistan to Berlin; Former Interior Minister)
Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan.jpg
Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan (Ambassador of Bangladesh to Germany)
Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan.jpg
"Threats for Democracy & Global Peace: Perspectives from Bangladesh"
The Embassy of India in Berlin organised a film screening followed by a discussion with director Lubdhak Chatterjee
20200213_Celebrating in Harmony.jpg
Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin introduces the Chinese New Year traditions to the locals
The Embassy of Nepal has inaugurated the program promoting tourism in Nepal.
The “Literaturhaus Berlin” hosts an intercultural event to commemorate the last 100 years of friendship between Germany and Georgia
A look at Iranian History in Contemporary Photography
National Day of the United Arab Emirates in Berlin
2019_10_31 Soft Power to Promote Peace and Stability .jpg
An interview at the Yemen Embassy
20191029_The Philippine Embassy.jpg
The opening of Sam Penaso’s art exhibition in Berlin
2019_10_28 “One Hand Cannot Clap Alone” .jpg
An interview at the United Arab Emirates Embassy
20191028_In Search of the Miraculous.jpg
The Georgian Embassy in Berlin promotes the exhibition ‘In Search of the Miraculous’, reflecting upon democracy from different perspectives
20191023_Lange Tafel.jpg
The ‘Lange Tafel’ programme promotes cultural dialogue by working with children in Germany and abroad
20191022_Philippine Embassy.jpg
The Philippine Embassy in Berlin hosted a documentary and a panel discussion focused on LGBTIQ issues
20191021_Contemporary Gothic Taste.jpg
Australian artist Cameron Tauschke exhibits his collection of artworks at café Spinner and Weber
20191018_Practicing Sport at the Malaysian Embassy.jpg
Promoting cultural exchange through sports with the Malaysian community in Berlin
20191015_Cultural Diplomacy in a Cup of Coffee.jpg
The Embassy of Nepal promotes gender equality
20191014_Dashain Festival in Berlin.jpg
The Embassy of Nepal honors unity and harmony
20191007_Indian Embassy celebrates Guru Nanak Dev Ji.jpg
The Indian Embassy with the Sikh community celebrates Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary
20191004_The Mongolian Embassy Opens Its Doors.jpg
The Mongolian Embassy commemorates the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Germany
20191017_Cultural Diplomacy with Music and Colors.jpg
Colours of Raga concert at the Indian Embassy
20191002_Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birthday.jpg
Indian Embassy’s commemorative celebration
20190926_I have Always Imagined.jpg
An interview with Amb. Sarah Nava Rani Al Bakri Devadason on diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Germany
20190924_It is a struggle for Asian Countries.jpg
A conversation with H.E. Amb. Maria Theresa B. Dizon-De Vega on the changing landscape of diplomacy, the role of social media in politics and promoting cultural diversity amid the immigration crisis.
20190917_Dhrupad Concert in Berlin.jpg
Classical North Indian Music Concert in Berlin
20190912_Philippine Ambassador at Culture Night.jpg
Filipino community was part of the end of summer cultural event in Osnabrück
20190910_Indian Folk Music.jpg
A part of contemporary urban Indian culture expressed through music
20190828_Celebrating Tagore Through Music.jpg
An evening to celebrate Indian heritage in the heart of Berlin
20190827_An Evening with Erin Etrada Kelly.jpg
Philippine Embassy in Berlin invite the public to an evening of reading and storytelling
20190826_Singapore Embassy.jpg
International light art contest orchestrated by the Embassy of Singapore in Berlin
20190826_Singapore Embassy.jpg
International light art contest orchestrated by the Embassy of Singapore in Berlin
20190820_Kuwait Chamber of Commerce.jpg
H.E. Amb. Najeeb Al-Bader reiterates Kuwait’s keenness to establish closer trade relations with Germany following 22nd Arab-German Economic Forum
20190812_Indo-German Film Week.jpg
The Indo-German Films in collaboration with the Embassy of India, organized the Indo-German Film Week at Babylon Cinema Berlin
20190808_Humboldt University Launches Joint Program.jpg
Lecture on Homo Luzonesis marks launch of program to promote Philippine Studies at Humboldt University
20190806_H.E. Amb. Dhiravat Bhumichitr Promotes.jpg
H.E. Amb. Dhiravat Bhumichitr lauds potential cooperation between ATPER, Thailand and Germany at Meeting with The Assocation of Thai Professionials in European Region (ATPER)
20190805_H.E. Amb. Maria Theresa Dizon-de Vega.jpg
Embassy of Philippines and Filipino community in Berlin unite for a day of festivities in the new initiative to bring the community and German neighbors together
20190802_Embassy of India hosted Geethopadesham.jpg
The event promoted cultural diplomacy by merging different traditional dances, from different areas of India, in one single performance
20190730_Nepal’s Women Football Team.jpg
GENERATION AMAZING Promotes Gender Equality at Discover Football’s Festival in Berlin
Promotion of the Indian culture through the art of dance
20190729_Embassy of Pakistan holds Meeting.jpg
H.E. Amb. Jauhar Saleem urges board members to consider Pakistan diaspora and culture in Germany
20190726_Korean Applied Linguistic Conference.jpg
Ambassador Jong Bum-goo champions the conference aiming to enhance communication across cultures
20190725_Embroidery Exhibition.jpg
Exhibition at the Chinese Cultural Heritage Centre focusses on the ancient form of Suzhou embroidery
20190723_Vietnam Delegation.jpg
Promoting cooperation in trade, investment, education, culture and public administration
20190723_Dialogue Exhibition at the Japanese Foundation.jpg
An exhibition aiming to generate discussion and debate in Cologne
20190723_The Indian and Asian Exhibition.jpg
A exhibition to promote and appreciate Indian culture was launched in the North Rhine-Westaphlia region
20190722_New Flights To Increase.jpg
Meeting in Berlin outlines Citilink plans to begin German service
20190722_Germany & Kazakhstan Improving Bilateral Relations.jpg
Ambassador of Kazakhstan and German representatives meet to discuss the countries relationship
20190722_Harmonious Encounter.jpg
Deepening understanding and expanding the interest in Korean culture in Germany
20190719_Germany Upgrades Bilateral Relationship With Nepal.jpg
First joint political consultations leads to tightening of the relationship between the two states
20190719_German Parliamentarian Visits New Philippine Embassy.jpg
Strengthening Philippine-German relations
20190718_Resistance In Name Of Democracy.jpg
A day prior to the failed coup attempt of 2016 an event detailing how it unfolded took place
20190718_A First Step In German Supported Afghan Peace Talks.jpg
First talks between Taliban and Afghahn government officials create sense of optimism
20190718_Israeli Queer Movie Night.jpg
July 23rd: screening of two Israeli films about the LGBTQ community.
20190718_Chancellor Angela Merkel meets with Nabijon Kasimov.jpg
The meeting took place in Meseberg, the government’s official resi-dence, amidst a reception for foreign Ambassadors to Germany
20190718_Opening of the German-Korean Technology.jpg
Promoting the cooperation in the field of advanced materials
20190718_Celebration for 100th anniversary.jpg
The event was held at the Berlin Humboldt University on July 9th, 2019
20190716_Philippines Embassy launches.jpg
Presenting Philippine government’s priorities in Germany
The Young Talents are the Winners of the Falling-Walls Lab in Birzeit and Gaza
20190709_Sino-German Relations.jpg
The relations between China and Germany are beyond bilateral ties
20190704_Bollywood evenings at the Indian Embassy in Berlin.jpg
Proud of the Indian billion-dollar film industry, the embassy of India screens Bollywood movies with english subtitles
20190704_Korea Festival 2019 in Berlin.jpg
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
20190703_5th International Day of Yoga.jpg
Celebrations on the Baltic Sea at the iconic city of Binz in Germany
20190702_Seminar on Entrepreneurship.jpg
Embassy of the Philippines, presenting business opportunities to Germany
20190702_The Diaries of John Rabe.jpg
A German hero narrated by a Chinese perspective
20190701_Upcoming Panel Discussion.jpg
The panel is entitled, “101 years of ADR – 100 years of Azerbaijani foreign policy”
20190701_The Peace Process on the Korean.jpg
Panel discussion held on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the “Berlin initiative” of the Korean President Moon Jae-in
Promotion of the South Indian culture through the art of dance
20190621_ The Buddha Statue.jpg
Embassy of Sri Lanka offers two Buddha statues to the Embassy of Cambodia in Berlin
A great chance to explore the authentic Indian classical dance
20190619_Nepal Sales Mission.jpg
The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) hosted a “Nepal Sales Mission”
20190618_Conflict & Development.jpg
The Ambassador of Georgia to Germany took part in a roundtable within the framework of the “Long Night of Sciences” at the Freie Universität Berlin
20190618_New Philippine Ambassador.jpg
Celebrating the 121st Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence in Germany
20190617_Kazakhstan and Germany.jpg
The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Berlin took part in the Kazakh-German Forum (DEKAF) focused on economics and culture
An Indonesian language speaking competition in Berlin
20190613_Iftar at the Sri Lanka Embassy.jpg
Promoting inter-faith harmony between Muslims
20190611_The Contemporary Russian Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
Ashot Avetisyan visits the ICD conference “Cultural Diplomacy in the New Cold War Era - "Understanding Afghanistan”
20190611_Is the Wall Really Gone.jpg
Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Humboldt University on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
20190527_Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration.jpg
The Embassy of Malaysia in Berlin invites to the Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration on Tuesday the 4th of June
20190524_The Grammy-winning Korean Soprano.jpg
Performing in front of people who share the same feeling
20190523_Classical Odissi Dance.jpg
Dance performance NARI – Honouring the Feminine by Sonali Mishra
On May 22, a briefing about the upcoming Kazakhstan Presidential elections was held at the Embassy of Kazakhstan
20190522_Embassy Day.jpg
The Embassy Day event is part of the Asia-Pacific Week focusing on innovation, startup ecosystem, major trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and cooperation between Germany and Asia
20190517_Tokyo and Berlin.jpg
Photographic exhibitions, lectures and concerts to promote the city partnership
20190516_Korean Symposium.jpg
German and Korean lawyers exchanged views in the framework of 2 Day Summit
20190515_The Embassy of India.jpg
The month of June is packed with events that celebrate dance and music from India
20190515_Ensuring Diplomatic Relations.jpg
The Vietnam Embassy in Berlin is holding an event to raise awareness about establishing projects between Vietnam and Germany
The story of Nanjing city is presented in Berlin
20190514_Glimpse into A World Faraway.jpg
The Philippine Embassy is showing a Filipino movie based on a local legend about an indigenous princess
20190509_Asia-Pacific Week.jpg
Connecting countries and cultures from May 13th to the 19th
20190507_Changwon K-Pop World Festival.jpg
The Korean Cultural Center invites all K-pop fans living in Germany to show off their talents at the Berlin Audition
20190417_Celebrating Indian Cultural Relations.jpg
The 69th Foundation day of ICCR at the Embassy of India
20190329_National Pakistani Day.jpg
Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, senior officials of the German government, intelligentsia, business leaders and Diaspora notables were present at the event
20190326_The Sea is our Inspiration.jpg
This 27 03 2019 the Chinese Kulturzentrum of Berlin opens the exhibition of the sea in our inspiration
20190312_Pakistani Festivity.jpg
ICD received Pakistani Ambassador to Germany, Jauhar Saleem, who presented his country, landscape, flavorful cuisine and culture
20190311_Japanese Embassy in Germany.jpg
Four rituals with the opera Ayamé by Kosaku Yamada are promoted in Berlin by the Japanese Embassy Premiere Events
20190211_World Music in the Indian Embassy.jpg
Indian classical and folk music blended with jazz will be presented in the Indian embassy in Berlin on the 20th February 2019
20190204_Persian Calligraphy Crash-Course in Berlin.jpg
Master Calligrapher from Iran offers Art Class in Persian Calligraphy
20190123_Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin.jpg
Through the arts and exhibitions, the Chinese cultural center invites an inviting atmosphere with a visual artistic approach in a special upcoming event
The Indian Embassy in Berlin is presenting a classical Indian and European folk music concert with Oritz Hariharan Pandey Trio
20190122_Let yourself leave the Couch.jpg
The Indian Embassy in Berlin is presenting a classical Indian and European folk music concert with Oritz Hariharan Pandey Trio
20190122_Culinary Korea.jpg
Tradition meets fascination at culinary night hosted by the Korean Embassy
When sports diplomacy makes unification a reality
The cultural department of the Embassy of South Korea organizes a special concert in BerlinThe evening encompasses a blend of art, music and creative writing to the Japanese-German Center on January 15th, 2019
The cultural department of the Embassy of South Korea organizes a special concert in BerlinThe evening encompasses a blend of art, music and creative writing to the Japanese-German Center on January 15th, 2019Chinese Cultural Celebrations Planned in Berlin from January 24-27th, 2019