About Berlin Global

About Berlin Global

Berlin Global is an online cultural diplomacy news platform, which reports on cultural diplomacy activity and the means in which it is practiced and implemented in the German speaking countries(Germany, Austria, Switzerland) by embassies, the public sector, the business sector and civil society.

Sources - The reporting of these news stories is sourced from an assortment of different areas, including the public and private sectors, the diplomatic community, NGOs and a number of different academic institutions.

Diplomatic Community - Berlin Global reports on the activities of foreign embassies, state sponsored cultural institutions and the numerous consulates, which are located in the capital cities of German-speaking countries. Events which are organised by the copious different embassies are often reported on, as are interviews with the various ambassadors who are positioned currently in the Embassies.

Art & Culture - The Art & Culture sections of the Berlin Global site frequently focuses on the cultural diplomacy aspects of various artistic and cultural events. Reports draw on various events, exhibitions, open-air concerts, festivals and featured films.

Business & Tourism - The business and tourism sections of the site focus on the private sector CSR activities, the economy and the economic relationships between countries, bilaterally and multilaterally. The Touristic section focuses on cultural touristic attractions and the numerous events, which are hosted throughout the year.