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Amb. Marika Linntam

Marika Linntam joined the diplomatic service of the Republic of Estonia in 2001, her focus was mainly on Europe. For the last five years before her appointment as Ambassador to Germany, she was Director General of the European Department at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this position, she devoted herself to the general issues of the European Union as well as promoting bilateral relations with European countries, with which Estonia is largely also linked through membership in NATO and membership in the European Union. The relations between Estonia and Germany always played an important role in her diplomatic career. Since 2022, the focus in the European Union and in relations with European countries has been primarily on supporting Ukraine and ensuring long-term European security.

Even before her appointment as head of the European department, Marika Linntam had long stood for the best possible representation of Estonian interests in the European Union. In 2010-2013, she defended Estonia's interests before the European Court of Justice in various cases that mainly concerned the interpretation of EU law and where it was important to highlight the Estonian point of view. In 2013-2018, at the Estonian Mission to the European Union in Brussels, she contributed to the preparation and implementation of the Estonian Presidency and chaired the meetings of the Advisers to the Permanent Representatives (Antici) during the Presidency, whose task was to discuss various thematic areas, including the preparation of the meetings of the European Council.

Marika Linntam completed her law degree at the University of Tartu and received her master's degree in EU law at the University of Rennes in France.



Estonia’s historical embassy building in Berlin re-opened its doors in a formal ceremony attended by President Lennart Meri on the 27th of September 2001, ten years after the diplomatic relations between the two countries were restored in 1991.

Estonia and Germany’s membership in the European Union and NATO provides a framework for bilateral communication. Shared aspects of culture and history also continue to be a uniting factor in relations between the two. The closeness and frequency of bilateral contacts has grown year by year. In addition to Estonia's Embassy in Berlin, Estonia has 6 other representations in Germany. These representations include consulates in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Kiel, Munich, Schwerin, and Stuttgart.