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20240416 Presentation.jpg
April 16th, 2024
The book is an artistic documentation of the different shades of migration experiences from Latin American artists who have lived throughout in Germany
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The large-scale presentation includes over twenty sculptures and objects.
20240411 The Embassy of Peru.jpg
87 cultural valuable assets part of the history and heritage the of the nation of Peru were repatriated from Germany
20240410 Berghof Foundation.jpg
Empowering women for Peacebuilding in Colombia: a visionary panel discussion at the Nordic Embassies
20240409 Embassy of Mexico.jpg
The Usina of Short Screenplays is celebrating its 5th birthday
"In celebration of Iftar, Ambassador Gutmann hosted representatives from the German Muslim community"
20240221 Were not living in a Time of Peace.jpg
Trip by Foreign Minister Baerbock to the G20 meeting in Rio de Janeiro
Martin Luther King Historic Speech in Berlin
20240108 MLK Day Lecture.jpg
Reclaiming the 'Site of Memory'
20231006 Meeting with US President Joe Biden.jpg
President Steinmeier travelled to Washington, D.C., at the invitation of the President of the United States of America
20230829 The US Embassy.jpg
The CBYX scholarship program celebrates its 40th anniversary this year
20230615 Ich bin ein Berliner.jpg
The 60th Year Anniversary of the Historic Visit and Legendary Speech of President Kennedy in Berlin
20230503_Chicano Art Exhibition.jpg
The Embassy of Mexico Inaugurated a Unique Exhibition on the Art of Mexican-Americans, the Largest One in Germany
20230428_Empowering Womens Voice.jpg
A Panel Discussion at the Berlinale 2023 Hosted by the Canadian Embassy
20230418_Festival of the Francophonie.jpg
A Celebration of French-Speaking Cultures in Berlin
20230418_US Ambassador Amy Gutmann.jpg
On April 18th, 2023, the U.S. Ambassador in Berlin participated in the founding ceremony of the Scholars at Risk (SAR) Network Berlin-Brandenburg.
20230327_Cuba Participates in the Berlin Dialogue.jpg
On the 27th of March 2023, the BETD platform allowed the discussion of concrete actions and cooperation to achieve the agreed climate goals
20230327_Latin America and the Caribbean Week.jpg
The BMZ’s Latin American and Caribbean Week took place from March 27th to 31st, 2023, with more than 30 collateral events
20230310_German Seminar.jpg
Exploring the Sonic Legacy of Ancient Peru: The Flautas del Antiguo Perú Seminar by Gonzalo Rodríguez Rojas
20230309_The Embassy of Mexico in Germany Presents.jpg
On the 9th of March, Women’s Day 2023, Alondra de la Parra accepted the prize given by the Amb. Francisco Quiroga in commemoration of her accomplishments as an orchestra director
20230309_Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island filled with the Colors of Guatemala.jpg
On March 9th, Guatemalan cultural richness filled parts of Berlin with color
20230308_Commemoration Of The 80th Anniversary of The Rosenstrasse Protests.jpg
On March 6th a commemoration was held at the Marienkirche to celebrate the Women's History Month
20230225_Cameroon and Burkina Faso Embassies.jpg
US Ambassador Gutmann hosts Berlinale Reception
20230215_Chile Participates once again.jpg
A large national delegation is representing Chile at this year's Berlinale.
20221201_XII Annual Meeting.jpg
The annual scientific symposium was hosted in the Argentinian Embassy in Berlin
The Mexican Embassy presents three contemporary films on the topic of Latin American migration, as part of their ongoing work with Mexican culture abroad
20220706_Embassy of the United States hosts.jpg
Special guests Joanna Lohmann, Nadine Angerer and Marcus Urban talk about their experience as part of the LGBTQIA+ and athlete community
20211018_interview with the ambassador of Argentina.jpg
‘At the end of the day, we are all social beings: cultural expression is the one that defines us as human beings’
‘A new renovation area is starting for Panama and all of its citizens.’
Promoting traditional Brazilian music to mark the end of the ‘Brasilien trifft Berlin festival’
20191024_Celebrating the Mexican Day.jpg
Rejoicing in the Mexican heritage and traditions
On 9 January, the Berlin-based institution once again opened its doors to the public to discuss the salient issue of global migration.
20191004_Exploring the Inspirational Mexican Scenery.jpg
Two exhibitions at the Embassy of Mexico
20190924_A Close Look.jpg
An Interview with the Director of the Mexican Culture Institute.
20190918_Celebration of the 198th Anniversary.jpg
A day of festivities for Central American officials and citizens residing in Germany
20190917_From Humboldt to Google Maps.jpg
Chilean artist Fede Taus presents his work on landscapes at the Embassy of Chile
20190910_A Modern Take on Tango.jpg
The Embassy of Argentina welcomes a tango quartet for an exploration of the different genres of tango
20190903_Contemporary Baroque.jpg
How to know the Brazilian art through Sergio Ramos
20190829_Ao Ritmo do Brasil.jpg
The Embassy of Brazil organizes a concert that celebrates masterpieces of Brazilian music
20190820_Argentinian Agriculture.jpg
Fostering the network and the promotion of the primary sector
20190816_El Sueno del Maraakame.jpg
Fostering the network and cultural spread in Berlin
20190815_National Day of Mexican Cinema.jpg
The Mexican Embassy hosts viewing of El Sueño del Mara’akame
20190815_A Bringing Train of Diplomacy.jpg
The relations between Germany and Mexico travel at high-speed
20190815_A Photography Exhibition.jpg
An opportunity to foster African women’s work in GermanyThe Embassy of Cuba inaugurates an exhibition on Fidel Castro and Cuba’s foreign policy
20190814_Minister Baldo Prokurica visits Berlin.jpg
Collaboration in minery industry between Germany and Chile
20190812_A Cuban Pena Cultural in Berlin.jpg
The Embassy of Cuban invites Cuban artists for an evening of music and protest
20190813_US Embassy Returns Vases.jpg
Vases stolen by Nazis have been returned to their rightful owners in Berlin as US embassy employs FBI oversee the case help
20190813_Network for a greater cause.jpg
Argentinian Ambassador Meets Engagement Global in Berlin
20190812_Caribefunk in Berlin.jpg
Promoting network and collaboration through the Colombian community music and festivities
20190808_U.S. Embassy Berlin’s CSD Participation.jpg
Promoting tolerance and collaboration through the USA participation
20190808_The Mexican School Ship.jpg
The preparations are over, it is time to set sail!
20190806_A Woven History of Guatemala.jpg
The Embassy of Guatemala hosts an exhibition on traditional Guatemalan clothing
20190806_The Festa Junina enchants Berlin.jpg
The Brazilian colors, food and dances are ready to revive the core of Germany
20190805_Gay Marriage in Mexican Embassy.jpg
Promoting the equality and freedom at the Mexican Embassy in Berlin
20190803_Exposition Humboldt in America.jpg
Promoting the historical backgrounds and evolution of the German- Mexican bilateral relations.
20190802_Simbiosis Entrópica.jpg
Promoting network and collaboration through the galactic art
20190729_Solidarity Celebration in Berlin.jpg
Promoting the good mood for reaching out to neighbor
20190802_Decriminalization of the LGBTI in Berlin.jpg
Promoting human rights and collaboration through the US campaign
20190731_The Robotic Education.jpg
Dr. Raúl Rojas González delivered to Amb. Of Mexico R. Granguillhome, an educational package to teach robotics and artificial intelligence in Mexico
A Colombian exhibition that brings you the Latin American Nature
20190726_Embassy of Equador.jpg
Artist Nancy Almeida presents her book and her works of art
20190725_Our Message is Love.jpg
The US Embassy is ready to spread love in Berlin
20190722_The Strengthening of Guatemalas.jpg
H. E. Amb. J.F. Cali Tzai meets the Guatemalan Consuls in Berlin
20190719_A Cultural Diplomacy in Constantly Grown.jpg
H. E. Amb. of Mexico Morfin hosts BSP students
20190718_Wayne Youle.jpg
Hosted by the New Zealand Embassy in Berlin and the Michael Reid Contemporary Art Gallery
20190719_Argentinian Concerts in Berlin.jpg
Promoting network and collaboration through the Argentinian music
20190717_A Reading of Julia Mann.jpg
Artist Nancy Almeida presents her book and her works of artCelebrating the life of a Brazilian who influenced one of the most important families of German writers
20190716_Humboldt in Amerika.jpg
Exhibition dedicated to Humboldt at the Embassy of Mexico in Berlin
20190717_Latin American Conferences.jpg
The Center for Latin American Studies of the University of Kassel organized a series of conferences dedicated to the countries of Central and South America
20190716_Discussion about Free and Fair Trade.jpg
Promoting network and collaboration through the galactic artPromoting network and collaboration through the trade relations worldwide
The Embassy of Colombia presents a photography exhibition on one of its national parks
20190708_Canto Vivo.jpg
Promoting the contemporaneous musical culture with series of concerts
20190722_Project Orders.jpg
Promoting the contemporary photographic creativity across borders
20190703_Canada Day in Berlin.jpg
Promoting Canadian culture through music, food and cinema
20190702_Exhibition Contemporary Baroque.jpg
Exploring Brazilian art through the prism of the Brazilian Baroque
Interview with Mark McLaughlin (Counsellor of Public Affairs)
20190628_Canada Day in Berlin.jpg
Bringing Canadian Culture to Germany
20190625_The Embassy of Ecuador.jpg
The celebration of Inti Raymi was held last weekend for the first time ever in Berlin
20190625_Promotion of the Ancestral Musical Culture.jpg
Argentina promotes its most famous traditions with a concert
20190624_Chilean Embassy Hosts Viewing.jpg
A documentary series about contemporary Chilean artists in eight parts
20190620_Canadian Ambassador.jpg
Awakening is a new Canadian art exhibition hosted in Bonn
20190618_Canadian Embassy Promotes.jpg
This year’s Walter-Benjamin lectures feature Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor
20190613_And Berlin Will Always.jpg
Mexican Embassy in Berlin promotes an exposition with the participation of Mexican artists
20190618_Brazilian Theater.jpg
Famous actors and actresses will interpret the main theater works of Brazilian tradition
20190614_Argentinian Food Lessons.jpg
Promoting gastronomic Argentinian habits with culinary lessons
20190610_4th of July.jpg
Promoting the national day and the Independence Day
20190605_An Interview with the Face Behind.jpg
The Canadian Consulate in Munich co-hosts an event featuring the documentary, “Mischling”
20190604_Haiti Takes part in Caribbean and Latin America Conference in Berlin.jpg
Heiko Maas invites representatives of the two regions to the confer-ence in order foster international cooperation
20190604_Ecuador Participated.jpg
Numerous Foreign Ministers from Latin American and Caribbean countries met with the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, to launch the Latin America and Caribbean Initiative.
20190522_Chile to Be.jpg
The film industry and its role in promoting cultural diplomacy
20190517_Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
Chile and Saxony to intensify their cooperation in the area of environmental protection
20190516_Ambassador Grenell Participated.jpg
This initiative, spearheaded by the three co-chairs, illustrates the U.S. government’s tireless efforts to combat anti-Semitism wherever this ugly scourge may appear
20190515_The Embassy of Argentina.jpg
The Photo exhibition “Koordinaten des täglichen Lebens” is hosted by the Argentine Embassy
20190509_Latin American Weekend.jpg
“Lateinamerikanisches Wochenende” will bring Latin American spirit to Berlin
20190417_Conversa Cultural.jpg
The Brazilian Embassy will host a cultural discussion about Scat-Singing and Dani Gurgel’s musical project
20190405_Celebrating the 25th.jpg
Argentina in the focus of the PHIL HARMONIKA Festival 2019
20190326_We Stand with the Iranian People.jpg
On 25th of March, Ambassador Richard Grenell hosted members of the Iranian community to celebrate Nowruz at the U.S. embassy
20190315_Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry.jpg
Ambassador Mejía-Delmau meets with investors, politicians and professors in Aachen
20190311_US Embassy in Berlin will Commemorate.jpg
This summer, it will be 50 years since the famous trio landed on moon
20190304_Modern Art Exhibition at the Argentine Embassy.jpg
Argentine born, Berlin based artist Lautaro Bianchi shows off his collection “Berghain” at the Embassy in Berlin
20190228_Celebration of the Brazilian Carnival in Berlin.jpg
This Sunday 3rd March, a Brazilian party at Festaal Kreuzberg, celebrates the carnival with a traditional meal, music and colorful costumes
20190206_REEL Kanata VII.jpg
A selection of recent short films made by indigenous filmmakers will be hosted by the Emassy of Canada
20190204_150 Years Canada in Berlin.jpg
From Food Festival to Art, History and Pride
20180108_New Agentian Exhibition.jpg
A photographic exhibition by Adriana Lestido will be presented in the Embassy of Argentina in Berlin
Promoting economic opportunities for women through the Mexican community in Berlin
The Embassy of Chile Presented Outstanding Films by Director Gonzalo Justiniano
20181218_16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.jpg
The US Embassy in Berlin Promote Gender Equality
20181217_2018 Commemoration of Pogromnacht.jpg
US Ambassador Grenell paying his respects at the memorial at Gleis 17 in Berlin
20181112_U.S. Embassy Literature Series.jpg
Rebecca Rukeyser reads from The Homestead – a novel in progress
20181111_Brasilien Trifft Berlin.jpg
The Brazilian-German Literature Festival as a prosperous example of Cultural Diplomacy
20180816_U.S. Embassy Berlin participates in CSD Parade.jpg
US Ambassador Grenell Leads Embassy Participation in CSD Parade
20180713_Cooperation to combat anti-Semitism.jpg
The U.S. Embassy discusses cooperation between the United States and Germany
20180708_U.S. Embassy Hosts Independence Day Celebration.jpg
Over 2,500 People Gather at Tempelhofer Feld to Celebrate America’s 242nd Birthday
20180614_CBYX Berlin Day 2018.jpg
American Participants in the CBYX Program are Celebrated at a Reception
20180611_Gone, Blown Away, Never Again.jpg
Chilean Artist Displays his Journey as an Artist Since Coming to Berlin
20180604_Heroes of the North.jpg
The Cartoon Scene in Canada
The Brazilian language and music as vehicles of Diplomacy
Canada shares their experience with migration
The Fruit Logistica Trade show is held annualy in Berlin
Chargé d’Affaires Kent Logsdon Speaks at American Chamber of Commerce
The Embassy of Canada to Germany hosted an event which explored important issues to both Canada and Germany
“My Enemy, My Brother”: is an Oscar-shortlisted and Emmy-nominated Canadian film presented by the Embassy of Canada
The Embassy in Canada Continues to Help Canadian Artists Present Their Works in Berlin
The Embassy of Canada continues its partnership with major Berlin festivals
The Marshall McLuhan Salon Showcases Canadian Culture in Berlin
Members of the ALBA alliance gather for an evening paying tribute to Latin America's rich cultural traditions and diverse population
2017_07_28 The Magic of Chorinho concert.jpg
Sai da Frente concert at the Brazilian Embassy
2017_08_07 M5 Mexican Brass.jpg
A different approach to classical sound, Mozart and Bach rearranged by a Mexican band
2017_07_18 Nasao Zumbi Concert.jpg
Brazilian band playing in Berlin
2017_07_14 Faces of Cuba.jpg
Mexican movies, music and food at London film festival
2017_07_10 Perú Food Festival.jpg
A festival celebrating Peruvian food, folklore, and culture hosted in Köln
2017_07_07 Colombian Players.jpg
Sports exchange between Colombia and Germany is a success
2017_07_06 American War By Omar.jpg
Canadian-Egyptian Author Will Read Extracts from His First Book
2017_07_06 Clara Cavendish.jpg
Art by the Brazilian artist Clara Cavendish Shown at the Hilton Hotel in Berlin
2017_06_28 Mexico Dual Year.jpg
Mexico and Germany Join Forces to Boost Their Cultural Relationship
2017_06_23 Bottoms Up.jpg
Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday with Beer in Berlin
2017_06_21 Alumni Mentorship Program at U.S. Embassy.jpg
Brazilian band playing in Berlin
2017_06_21 Intercultural Reception at U.S. Embassy in Germany.jpg
U.S. Embassy Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black History Month
2017_06_21 Welcome to Germany.jpg
Germany’s Soft Power Strategy Regarding the Refugee Crisis
2017_06_21 Urcunina (Galeras).jpg
Colombian Embassy in Germany Promotes the Artwork of the Colombian Artist Guido Feuillet
2017_06_19 Germany Celebrates Canada.jpg
Germany joins in the celebrations of Canada's sesquicentennial year with a broad program of cultural events
2017_06_16 G20 Interfaith Summit.jpg
Interfaith Dialogue and Recommendations for World Leaders Tackling Today’s Migration Challenges at the Upcoming G20 Summit in Germany
Brazilian Embassy in Germany Promotes Afro-Brazilian Dance Workshop in Berlin
The Argentinian Embassy is promoting Marta Minujín’s newest creation
Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary
350 Young PPP Americans in Berlin at the end of their exchange year
Around 30 sommeliers of leading area restaurants participated in the seminar
Argentinian Embassy in Berlin Promotes Band’s Tour around Germany
The Cuban Embassy in Berlin Talks Investment Opportunities
Berlin Embassies Unite to Promote an Enriching Cinematographic Experience
2017_06_02 Latin American Diplomacy in Hamburg.jpg
EU-LAC Foundation as the Coordinator of Latin American Fall Festival Activities