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The Embassy of Montenegro in Berlin


Address: Charlottenstraße 35/36, Berlin, D-10117

Tel.: (+49 30) 51 65 10 70
Fax: (+49 30) 51 65 10 712

Email: mailto:germany@mfa.gov.me

The Ambassador

No Ambassador at the Moment.



Both countries established diplomatic relations on June 14, 2006. Germany has an embassy in Podgorica. Montenegro has an embassy in Berlin and a general consulate in Frankfurt.

In 1997 the German Bundeswehr used the Podgorica Airport for the Operation Libelle, which led to the first skirmish of German forces since the Second World War. Today German and Montenegrin soldiers serve together in Afghanistan.

Montenegro introduced the D-Mark as their currency in 1999, and today Montenegro has the German Euro. German state-owned GTZ advises the Montenegrin ministry for economy.