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Néstor Francisco Popolizio Bardales

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Néstor Popolizio Bardales was born in Pucallpa on February 25, 1955, and he is married to Mrs. Irma Elena Ríos Garate. They have a daughter named Isabela Corina Popolizo Morales.

Having an outstanding 38 years of experience, Néstor Popolizo has worked in the Diplomatic sector ever since graduating from the Diplomatic Academy of Peru in 1980 with a Bachelor of International Relations and a Bachelor of Law from the University of San Marcos. Throughout the years, he has worked himself up from the Third Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the General Secretariat in 1981, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2018. He has participated as Delegate and Representative of Peru in numerous meetings and conferences of an international nature.

Néstor Popolizo highlights his work between 1995-1999 as a principal advisor in the peace negotiations with Ecuador and for the signing of the Lima Act with Chile. Abroad, he has further served as Ambassador of Peru to the Republic of Portugal and the Republic of Colombia. Popolizo was appointed as Third, and later Second Secretary of the Permanent Representation of Peru to the United Nations Organization in New York, USA. For five years, he also served as Minister of the Embassy of Peru to the United States of America.

For his work in the diplomatic and political sector, Néstor Popolizo Bardales has earned numerous medals in several countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay. Furthermore, he has been awarded several medals from Peru, for example the Decorations of the Order for Distinguished Services and Diplomatic Service, and a Medal of Honor.

Prior to being appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs on April 2, 2018, he served as the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2016-2018.