African Foreign Ministries

20191014_40th Anniversary of Gondar-Leipzig.jpg
October 14th, 2019
On September 28th and 29th 2019, H.E. Ambassador Mulu Solomon attends the celebration for the partnership between Gondar and Leipzig Universities, and takes the opportunity to meet the Ethiopian diaspora community in Leipzig and it’s…
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20191009_Strengthening resilience.jpg
A cooperation between Germany and South Africa to introduce an insurance for smallholder farmers
20191002_Re-coding African fashion.jpg
Contemporary and historical perspective on African Fashion at the Kunstgewerbemuseum
20190923_Bottom-up peacebuilding in Mali.jpg
The German government is supporting local stabilization projects to foster a peaceful political development
20190917_Solidarity and Tolerance.jpg
Moroccan community radio has the potential to be used as a tool in countering violent extremism
20190805_The Growing Relationship between Uganda.jpg
The Hungarian Foreign Minister of the Republic of Uganda, Hon. Sam Kutesa, praises Uganda
20190508_Promoting South Africa.jpg
Social media project is a part of the South African National Tourism Board’s 25 Years of Democracy celebrations
20190423_Nigeria Acknowledges.jpg
Promoting Bilateral relationship with India through cultural exchanges
Egypt is lending its Tutankhamun historical treasures to the world’s most renowned museums
20190315_MFA of Kenya.jpg
Over 200 participants, among others members from MFA of Kenya and PM of Ethiopia, promote cultural diplomacy by joining together to fight infant and maternal mortality
20190312_DPRK Ambassador.jpg
Chae Hui Chol, Ambassador to Senegal, met Mame Baba Cisse, to discuss improving relations and creating peace with South Korea and the US
20190312_South Africa Observes Commonwealth Day.jpg
March 11th 2019 was Commonwealth Day, where member countries, as a symbol of their solidarity, observed a celebration of their ever-growing diplomatic relations
20190304_EU and African Union Foreign Ministers.jpg
Ministers of Foreign Affairs from EU and AU countries met in Brussels to discuss common action on various issues, as part of their strengthened partnership
20190301_France and South Africa.jpg
French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has said “France and South Africa will work together to reduce inequality in the world and threats to democracy
20190301_Tunisian Foreign Minister.jpg
The Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis met Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs during an official working visit to Bern
20190228_Tunisian President Meets Ghana.jpg
Enhancing bilateral cooperation between Tunisia and Ghana
20190222_Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Official Visit to Finland.jpg
The visit aims to promote the cultural relations between the two countries
20190221_Ghanas Foreign Affairs Minister.jpg
The Minister’s meeting with the Tunisian President last Tuesday highlighted the longstanding relations between Ghana and Tunisia
20190220_The Netherlands Invests.jpg
Minister Kaag of the Netherlands explained how the Netherlands will invest more in Niger
20190219_South Africa is honored.jpg
Based on the principle of rotation, South Africa is to chair AU after Egypt this year
20190212_Somali Foreign Minister Calls for Debt Cancellation.jpg
During the 32nd annual AU summit, the Somali government lobbies for a debt cancellation for war-ridden Somalia to improve infrastructure and lives of displaced people
20190212_United Nation.jpg
Acting Resident Representative of the UN pledged close cooperation when negotiating with the Ghanaian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration
20190211_Uganda and Japan.jpg
The Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Uganda met with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda
20190207_Meeting of the Ministers of the Global Coalition.jpg
A Review of this year’s achievements and the pursuit of cooperation
Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said his country's 2019 chairmanship of the African Union underlined Cairo's close ties with African countries
20190205_Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania.jpg
Promoting African culture values and strengthening the relations with the Republic of Lithuania
20190204_African Economic Outlook 2019.jpg
AU Summit promoting sustainable development as the objective for African economies