Asian Foreign Ministries

20191007_Culture at the Heart.jpg
October 07th, 2019
United Arab Emirates are investing a large amount of money in education, medicine, art and music as a new type of cultural diplomacy.
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20191002_Celebrating the Moon Festival.jpg
The Chinese Cultural Centre Berlin hosted the Moon Festival
20190730_Nepal and Germany Sign Joint Declaration.jpg
The Two Ministries have signed a joint declaration of intent on the Establishment of Bilateral Consultation Mechanism
20190702_Japan-Germany Summit.jpg
Japanese and German Prime Ministers to discuss urgent global issues.
20190625_The Upcoming German-Vietnamese Cooperation.jpg
The visit of a high-ranking Vietnamese Defense Delegation in Germany
20190612_Promising Bilateral.jpg
Hon. Abdulaziz Kamilov welcomes Mohammed bin Hamad Al Fuhaid Al Hajri as Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Uzbekistan.
20190524_Expanding Bilateral Relations.jpg
The Uzbek-German Legal Forum maintains the collaboration in the development of Uzbek con-stitutional law and guarantees of human rights and freedoms
20190430_Strategic Cooperation.jpg
A Young Leaders Forum was held in Moscow, with an emphasis on the importance of the Russian and Turkish strategic cooperation on international matters
20190424_Indonesian MOFA.jpg
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Increases Understanding of Medan People on the Issues of Indonesian Migrant Workers' Protection and Empowerment
20190410_MANGA Award.jpg
This award honors the MANGA artists who are contributing to the development of MANGA culture in the world
20190409_Japans Flower Diplomacy.jpg
The cherry blossoms are a huge win for Japan’s public diplomacy
20190408_Asian Countries Commit.jpg
Southeast Asian countries join forces to raise awareness in the Decade of Family Farming 2019 – 2028
20190403_First Forum of Rectors.jpg
About 70 agreements on cooperation and implementation of joint programs and projects were signed between the Association of Universities of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Union of Rectors and universities of Russia
20190401_Malaysia to host MIHAS.jpg
The Ministry of International Trade and Industry will host the Malaysia International Halal Showcase
20190327_United Arab Emirates.jpg
The Special Olympics were held from March 14 to March 21 and brought together athletes from 190 countries
20190325_Venezuelas Maduro.jpg
Turkish Foreign Minister says Venezuelan Prime Minister told him last year he may convert to Islam
20190325_Mongolia to Host the 4th Asia-Pacific CBID.jpg
Congress will focus on sustainable social development and economic growth through community-based inclusive development
20190322_Brunei Royalty.jpg
The Embassy of Oman stages a special night to celebrate Omani music, diplomatic relations, literature and culture
20190320_Armenia Sees Japan.jpg
There is a new movement in Yerevan to deepen and develop cultural diplomatic relations with Tokyo
20190319_Abu Dhabi and Afghanistan.jpg
Ministers signed six agreements on education, mining, energy, and sport cooperation
20190318_Taiwan Wows to Support Freedom.jpg
The worsening economic relations between the countries is a factor that could make the diplomatic relations suffer
20190315_Foreign Ministries of South Korea.jpg
The worsening economic relations between the countries is a factor that could make the diplomatic relations suffer
20190314_Fiji and Japan.jpg
Diplomatic engagements between Fiji are expected to happen through stronger collaborations to advance sustainable development aspirations for both the nations.
20190313_Malaysian Foreign Minister.jpg
To show its commitment to human rights and international law, Malaysia has acceded to the Rome statuette of the International Criminal Court
20190312_External Affairs Minister of India.jpg
Adel bin Ahmed Al Jubeir met with Sushma Swaraj during his official visit to India on March 11th to discuss their common goal of fighting terror and improving relations
20190312_2019 as Year of Turkish Culture.jpg
Turkey's foreign minister said that the year 2019 will be celebrated as Year of Turkish Culture in Japan
The China-New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019 will begin on March 29 and is designed to strengthen both diplomatic and cultural relationships between the countries
20190311_Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha.jpg
Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha held a luncheon meeting Friday with a group of African ambassadors in Seoul to discuss ways to enhance South Korea's partnership with their countries
20190304_Foreign Minister of South Korea.jpg
The minister held a telephone Conversation with US Secretary of State Pompeo
20190301_Minister Gyawali about Nepal Progress.jpg
Nepal Foreign Minister met UNHCR Michelle Bachelet and shared Nepal’s experience on the peace process
20190301_South Korean Foreign Minister.jpg
Minister Kang delivered the speech at a high-level segment at the 40th summit of the UNHRC
20190227_Prime Minister of India.jpg
Narendra Modi received the prize in recognition of his service to international cooperation
20190226_Sri Lanka Tourism Roadshow.jpg
Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Italy and the Consul General of Sri Lanka were present
20190220_Austrian Foreign Minister is visiting Nepal.jpg
The two foreign ministers will lead their respective countries at the delegation level talks scheduled to take place on February 22
20190220_Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister.jpg
Goal of Trip: Promoting future collaboration and advancing mutual friendship
20190219_Japan-Philippines Foreign Ministers.jpg
Opening ceremony of the Consulate-General of Japan in Davao
20190213_Malaysian Foreign Minister.jpg
Saifuddin contacted Prak Sokhonn to express Malaysia’s hope that all its nationals would be released immediately.
20190212_UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs at World Government Summit.jpg
H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan met with a number of officials at World Government Summit held in Dubai
20190212_Taro Kono visit to Russia.jpg
The Japan foreign minister meets with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov
20190212_40 Years On.jpg
After four decades of political and economic difficulties, Iranians are ready to face and tackle possible challenges that the new era may bring to their republic
20190212_Fostering International Relations.jpg
Foreign ministers meeting to promote collaboration and people-to-people exchange
20190212_65th Anniversary.jpg
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has sent a congratulatory message at an event commemorating the anniversary of the trade deal, hosted by Britain’s 48 Group Club
20181219_The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea.jpg
The Foreign Minister visits the Republic of Korea, which is a key partner for its new southern policy