European Foreign Ministries

November 29th, 2019
The Slovenian Film Festival aims to celebrate the important contribution of Slovenian actors and directors to the current European film scene
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Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland and Germany are committed in promoting awareness campaigns on certified Italian quality products
2019_11_04 The perfect Storm.jpg
Promoting network and collaboration between experts from the world in humanitarian and environmental work
20191016_Governmental Institutions.jpg
EU’s strategy for international relations
20191014_The Pearson Global Forum.jpg
A historical conference presenting strategic policy making to reduce conflicts and create peace
20191008_Promoting Multiculturalism.jpg
From 11th until 20th of October the capital transformed into a canvas where artists present they stories, culture, arts and messages
20191008_Keeping the Memories of the Wall.jpg
French and German artists collaborated to create a testimonial exhibi-tion called On The Open Wall
20191004_Trust as a Basic Component.jpg
… and how cultural diplomacy can be a tool for trust building
Promoting Slovakian culture through music
20190906_Germany and Belarus.jpg
German-Belarusian bilateral plans for industrial development
20190828_Eastern Europe Remembers.jpg
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania in a joint statement for justice and freedom
20190827_German-Dutch Climate Cabinet.jpg
Discussing possible joint plans for the safeguard of the climate
20190821_Germany and Russia.jpg
German and Russian Scientists presented a series of textbooks from the joint history project at the House of Receptions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow.
20190806_Tales Uniting Cultures.jpg
The German and Arab cultures get closer at the Neues Museum Berlin
20190801_Literary Diplomacy.jpg
Portugal and Germany Celebrate Bicultural Relations Through Literary Scholarship in Berlin
20190703_An exceptional friendship.jpg
The two patrons of the German-Danish Cultural Year of Friendship met at Villa Borsig in Berlin on July 1st.
20190611_The Chocolate Connection.jpg
Dutch brand Tony’s Chocolonely is on an international mission
20190605_Luxembourgs Foreign Minister.jpg
A success for pro-European parties
20190603_Didier Reynders.jpg
29th of May is the International Day of UN Blue Helmets
20190524_Trio EU Presidency.jpg
Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Slovenia and Portugal
20190521_Informal Meeting.jpg
The ministers discussed how to promote trust in digital technology together
20190517_Germany Day Theme.jpg
With a theme of "seeding the future," Germany's Pavilion presents how green initiatives and projects have helped restore the environment after pollution
20190514_The 58th International Art Exhibition.jpg
The 58th International Art Exhibition, titled May You Live In Interesting Times, takes place from May 11th until November 24th 2019 in Venice
20190513_Decolonizing the World.jpg
The festival Postcolonial Poly Perspectives is designed to strengthen the visibility of black perspectives through art
20190508_Rethinking European Political Culture.jpg
The “Centre international de formation européenne” (CIFE) will organize workshops in Berlin, Belgrade, Pristina and Nice from September 2019 through March 2020.
20190430_New Prospects for Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
The Cultural Diplomacy Platform organized a Regional Consultation meeting on 8-9 April in Sarajevo
20190426_The European Union’s Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
The coming European elections are inviting us to look at EU’s cultural diplomacy
20190425_Exhibition Cinderella.jpg
A new exhibition at the Neues Museum traces cultural exchange between the Arab world and Germany in the realm of literary traditions
20190418_How From the Ashes.jpg
More than a French symbol, the monument represents a part of European cultural heritage
After its 53rd edition, Vinitaly has become more international than always, contributing to spreading Italian culture and traditions abroad
20190409_Flower Power.jpg
More than a Dutch symbol or important economic activity, tulips are a charming tool for the country’s cultural diplomacy
20190404_Albania and North Macedonia.jpg
Cakaj and Dimitrov sign a cultural cooperation agreement in the USA
20190403_Creating Common Spaces.jpg
The European Union takes another step forward in the recognition of culture in international relations
20190322_Is There Hope.jpg
Minister for Europe of the UK and his Russian counterpart met at Munich Security Conference to discuss the issue
20190318_French President in Africa.jpg
Pushing forward France’s agenda in East Africa through culture, trade and education
20190318_German Foreign Minister.jpg
Promoting network and collaboration at the conference in Berlin
20190314_Foreign Minister Maas.jpg
Promoting peace and culture through diplomatic tiesPromoting global social partnership and decent work for all women and men.
20190314_Ireland Opens its First Embassy in Colombia.jpg
Promoting peace and culture through diplomatic ties
20190314_Geneva Science and Diplomacy.jpg
Foundation aims to address emerging issues of the impact of science on societies
20190314_Towards more Cooperation.jpg
A meeting is held to discuss how to implement the Government of Ukraine – UN Partnership Framework for 2018-2022
20190313_Foreign Ministry of Italy.jpg
A festival with events dedicated to music, art, literature, movies and archeology
20190313_Cultural Diplomacy as a Tool for Envisaging.jpg
The German and Danish Foreign Ministers have a special year ahead: German-Danish Cultural Year 2020
20190311_Finlands Minister for Foreign Affairs.jpg
Foreign Minister of Finland, Timo Soini, underlines a cultural and political dialogue with African states, especially among youth
20190304_The 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations.jpg
Meeting between the Polish Deputy Minister and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of China
20190222_Cultural Diplomacy is Important in the New Technological Revolution.jpg
Meeting between the Foreign Minister of Finland and the General Secretary of the European Council
20190220_Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs.jpg
Minister Petříček managed to arrange President Trump´s meeting with Czech Prime Minister
20190220_5th European Union.jpg
Promoting institutional and political collaboration between the two organizations
20190219_The Gymnich Meeting.jpg
EU Foreign Ministers discuss Venezuela, Syria and China
20190212_German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass.jpg
Speech of support in the German Bundestag acknowledges the dire need for action regarding Venezuelans and the humanitarian crisis
20190211_Baltic-US Cooperation.jpg
The three Baltic Foreign Ministers met with the US Senate to discuss transatlantic cooperation and security issues in the Baltic region
20190208_Foreign Minister of Armenia.jpg
Minister Mnatsakanyan and Commissioner Hahn discussed relevant issues on relations between Armenia and the EU
20190208_Sweden has a new Minister for Culture.jpg
Amanda Lind was appointed by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven
20190207_Making Bilateral Relations.jpg
A meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland and the US Secretary of State
20190207_Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019.jpg
Over 100 embassies were invited and briefed about the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019
20190207_Gymnich Meeting.jpg
An informal meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers
20190206_Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova.jpg
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Tudor Ulianovschi will participate at the meeting to defeat ISIS
20190131_German, Austrian and Swiss Journalists.jpg
They were welcomed by Czech Minister of Culture Antonín Staněk