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20240617 Angola and Mozambique.jpg
The ambassadors of Mozambique and Angola met in Berlin to discuss shared goals for development
20240616 Cameroonian Citizens.jpg
The embassy in Berlin opened the registration for the 2025 elections in Cameroon
20240611 Africa Day Celebration.jpg
A Celebration of African Culture and Heritage
20240620 Symphonic Harmony.jpg
Singaporean Ambassador to Berlin Lee Chong Hock attended the Symphonic Harmony – Young Maestros
20240619 Ambassador Sang Beom Lim.jpg
Focus on Korean-German Relations and Global Concerns
20240619 Meeting between.jpg
Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko met with Governing Mayor of Berlin Kai WEGNER
20240619 Reflecting.jpg
Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future: The Legacy of the Berlin Airlift
20240618 Fostering Future Leaders.jpg
Super-Election Year and Navigating Geopolitical Uncertainty
20230504_Australia and Germany.jpg
The two Countries decided to Empower and to Extend their Agreement about the “AGRN ''
20230427_2023 ANZAC Day.jpg
The Embassies of Australia and New Zealand held the National Day of Remembrance in Berlin
20230210_Skyward Gaze.jpg
Aerial Photographs by Andrew Vukosav at the Australian Embassy Exhibition