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Traditional Arabic Music Live Concert

Young Euro Classic is a festival specifically created for symphonic youth orchestrasThe curator Wassim Mukdad introduces Arabic culture through live jams in Berlin

October 02nd, 2018
Teresa Lorena Machado, News from Berlin
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By bringing together a number of Arabic musicians, the curator aims to present part of the Arabic cultural heritage by regularly organizing jam sessions and bringing to the stage new interpretations or popular and traditional Arabic songs.

“The first session in October honours the “tarab and sanat”, a specific intonation of transmitting emotion, giving the Arabic music a special tone and character. This style can either be reproduced in religious invocations or for secular and artistic purposes. The use of this technique, common in a wide-range of regions in the Arab World, has a powerful effect on the listener, giving an outward and profound effect on the audience. The soloist and vocalist Meral Cihan and her orchestra will guide this session for an immersive performance in the Arabic music culture.

This concert is part of an on-going musical program that has been taking place regularly throughout 2018. Other sessions explore specific areas of the Middle East, such as Tunisian or Lebanese music, or tributes to artists such as the Syrian opera singer Asmahan. Additionally, some sessions focus on specific regions which have strong cultural roots, such as the Berber population or the Gwana music. With such a wide-ranging offer of rhythms, artists, and influences, one can definitely discover and explore the Middle Eastern traditions and cultures.

The sessions are free of charge, you can access the full program here.


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