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"The Importance of Water"

"Visiones des Aguas-Wasser Visionen" exhibition organized by the Bolivian Embassy in Berlin

October 29th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Elizabeth Salguero Carrillo, invites the Berliners to the exhibition “Visiones del Agua-Wasser Visionen” by the Bolivian artists Javier Salgueiro. The exhibition shows photographs, prints, paintings, drawings, digital works and videos. The inauguration will be on November the 5th, and Berliners will have the chance to visit until November 11th at the gallery Popup Village Berlin.

The exhibition will show different experiences and reflections on water. From different perspectives, it is possible to appreciate personal, global, ecologic, mystic, anthropological, poetic, metaphysic, socio-political points of view. That holistic approach is meant to create a discourse on the importance of water. It is especially relevant in Bolivia, where water has become a constitutional human right. In 2000, the Cochabamba protests, also known as the Cochabamba Water War, were a series of protests that took place in Cochabamba, in response to the privatization of the city’s municipal water supply company.

In order to print all this perspectives in his work, Salgueiro has employed different artistic techniques and the different geographical places and spaces in time in which the art works were created. 

Javier Salgueiro Montoya studied architecture at UMSA in 1981 after completing his formation in different academic centers, he became a designer in poster, postcard, brochures, infographics, illustration, and so on.  He focuses on the multimedia art, installations and that way, he took part in more than 80 exhibitions.

20141029_The Importance of Water at the Bolivian Embassy.jpg
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