20240703 Preisdent Alexander Van der Bellen.jpg
July 03rd, 2024
Vienna has been the host city to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s climate change conference Austria World Summit since the creation of the initiative in 2017. President Van der Bellen appears every year as a patron speaker to…
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20240702 Olaf Scholz Met.jpg
Mercosur and Milei’s economic policy were the main topics of the meeting
20240627 Manuela Schwesig Welcomes French.jpg
A significant visit aimed at enhancing economic relations and youth exchange
20240627 Hendrik Wuest delivered.jpg
Exploring the Ruhr's cultural landscape through artistic vision
20240627 The 30th Jewish Festival.jpg
Franziska Giffey held a speech at the opening ceremony
20240626 Hendrik Wuest honoured.jpg
Brave resistance fighters stood up against the ideological madness of National Socialism
20240626 Manuela Schwesig Welcomes.jpg
New Horizons in Tourism, Healthcare, Renewable Energy and Cultural Projects Discussed
20240626 Windhoek in Namibia.jpg
Fraziska Giffey welcomed the partners from the German-Namibian municipal partnership
20240625 Reinforcing Baltic Ties.jpg
Uniting Baltic nations through collaboration and innovation at 2024 Business Day
20240625 Hendrik Wuest received.jpg
The aim was to strengthen bilateral relations between North Rhine-Westphalia and France
20240624 75 Years of the Bavarian.jpg
Honoring Dedication and Excellence in Financial Administration
20240624 Austrian Chansellor Karl Nehammer.jpg
Strengthening Holocaust Remembrance: A Multi-Year Collaboration with Yad Vashem
20240624 Hendrik Wuest awarded.jpg
The honourees have demonstrated that the right actions can save lives
20240620 To a Great European Championship.jpg
German Politicians are looking forward to a 24 colourful sea of flags
20240619 25 Years of Bavarian.jpg
Strengthening Ties and Mutual Cooperation
20240619 Strengthening Bonds.jpg
Manuela Schwesig welcomed German and Polish legislative delegations to discuss future cooperation and shared history
20240619 Joint Cabinet.jpg
Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst emphasised strong ties between the two states
20240619 Football as a Tool.jpg
The EURO 2024 is more than a football tournament for Alexander Van der Bellen
20240617 Seasoned partners.jpg
Foreign Minister Baerbock travels to the Council of the Baltic Sea States near Helsinki
20240606 Promoting Europe.jpg
80 years ago, allied troops landed on the coast of Normandy. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz took part in the commemoration ceremony in France
20240604 Europe is Strongest.jpg
Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier delivered an address in honour of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, at the presentation of the International Award of the Peace of Westphalia
20240528 Working together for Europe.jpg
Foreign Minister Baerbock welcomes her French and Polish counterparts for the Weimar Triangle meeting
20240515 Solving Global Crises Together.jpg
"From war and climate change to inflation and debt, the world faces challenges that are both interlinked and mutually dependent, Federal Chancellor Scholz said: there's no such thing as an isolated crisis"
20240513 Worth Going to the Polls.jpg
Joint declaration of President Steinmeier, President Sergio Mattarella of Italy and President Van der Bellen of Austria that was published in the German newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel"
20240502 Our Strength Lies in Joint Action.jpg
Federal President Steinmeier gave a speech on the EU's eastward expansion at the conference "20 Years of the Czech Republic in the EU" in Prague
20240426 The Federal Chancellors.jpg
In addition to business relations, the visit focussed on geopolitical challenges and sustainability strategies
20240423 German-Turkish Exchange.jpg
On April 22, Federal President Steinmeier gave a speech at a cultural evening at the Tarabya Cultural Academy in the historic summer residence of the German ambassador
20240415 Keeping the Sudan on the Agenda.jpg
Germany, France and the EU organise an international conference
20240411 75th Anniversary of NATO.jpg
"Never before has NATO’s strength and unity been so important. Never before have we in Europe, we in Germany felt so deeply that we need NATO for our own security, for the protection of our freedom and democracy"
20240325 Meeting with Arab Ambassadors.jpg
"Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier received Arab ambassadors"
20240320 A Europe Capable.jpg
"In his government statement prior to the European Council meeting, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised the cohesion and strength of the EU"
20240319 Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier received.jpg
"Estonia's security is our security, it is Europe's security"
20240221 Fifty Years of Germany in the United Nations.jpg
Involvement in the United Nations is a cornerstone of German foreign policy
20240217 Without Security, Nothing else Matters.jpg
Federal Chancellor at the Munich Security Conference
20240217 I am Proud of Our Country.jpg
"We need democrats to close ranks. Not just today, but 365 days a year", said the Federal President”
20240212 Were not living in a Time of Peace.jpg
From 2025, the new ammunition factory is to produce 200,000 rounds of artillery ammunition per year
20240208 State Banquet.jpg
Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier delivered a speech at a state banquet hosted by President Nikos Christodoulides in Nicosia
20240204 Football Ambassadors for EURO 2024.jpg
Minister Baerbock appointed former players from the national teams as football ambassadors
20240111 2024 will be a Testing Year.jpg
Federal President Steinmeier welcomed over 150 ambassadors and representatives of international organisations at his traditional New Year Reception
20240108 Germany in the Human Rights Council.jpg
Human Rights Commissioner Amtsberg on Germany’s hearing as part of the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
20231210 Foreign Minister Baerbock.jpg
For more ambition and greater solidarity in the climate crisis
20231210 UNIDAS.jpg
The Unidas network links women from Latin America, the Caribbean and Germany. Its objective is to strengthen women’s political participation and their rights
20231205 State Visit from the Kingdom of Belgium.jpg
President Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Elke Büdenbender received the Belgian royal couple, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde
20231117 Meeting with President ErdoÄŸan.jpg
President Steinmeier received President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey in Berlin
20231102 Conference on Europe in Berlin.jpg
For a larger and stronger Europe
20230919 Fit for the Future.jpg
Franco-German group presents ideas on EU reforms
20230908 The Federal President.jpg
This year's motto was "Us – connected".
20230904 Strengthening Global Partnerships.jpg
Conference of the Heads of German Missions
20230829 The Federal Presidents Citizens Festival.jpg
President Steinmeier opens the doors to Schloss Bellevue
20230713 Germany adopts.jpg
China has changed. So we need to change our approach to China too.
20230624_Visit to Kyrgyzstan.jpg
Official Visit of the German President to Kyrgyzstan
20230622 Award for German Peacekeepers.jpg
Around 2090 Germans are deployed around the world to promote peace and security
20230330 Speech by His Majesty King Charles.jpg
His Majesty King Charles III spoke to German parliamentarians during his 2023 state visit to Germany, the first state visit abroad for the King and Queen Consort