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“More than Advertising – Sweden Communicate”

Swedish advertising exhibition organized by Nordic Embassies and the Swedish Institute

October 29th, 2014
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On November 6th, the Felleshus at the Nordic Embassies Berlin, in partnership with the Swedish Institute, will be holding an exhibition focused on Swedish advertising: “More than advertising – Sweden communicate”. There will be three main themes for the Swedish communication exhibition: creative advertising, advertising as a mirror of its time and successful digital marketing. The exhibition presents entertaining successful Swedish advertising and their specificities over several decades.


Swedish advertising is internationally recognized for its fantastic creativity and advertisements allow Sweden to present the world with their national character, humor, creativity and responsibility. The exhibition will be presenting 29 movies and 19 pictures showing Swedish communications from several decades and their various peculiarities.

The exhibition will also present the Swedish spirit of the times and the social norms that only the Swedish are capable of: for example, the exhibition will present adverts for Systembolaget stores, the Swedish alcohol monopoly for the sale of alcohol, but the advertisement paradoxically and cleverly promotes lower alcohol consumption. These kinds of creative campaigns are intriguing for those interested in communications and one can learn from the creative strategies of Sweden.

Furthermore, a special exhibition from Sweden communicate will focus on the communication of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

This exhibition will run until January 23rd 2015 and so there is lots of time to experience this fascinating event and learn more about the communication tactics of Swedish society. Also, free admission means that there is no excuse to miss this event!

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