20220928_Ukrainian Orchestra Working to Bring People Together with Music.jpg
The Embassy of Ukraine is promoting a musical charity event in Berlin to aid the Ukrainian people
20220926_A Different Kettle of Fish.jpg
The Embassy of Ireland in Germany is showcasing local Irish talent, with performances of music and spoken word.
20220926_Switzerlands Embassy.jpg
During the 48th edition of the annual Berlin Marathon, the embassy of Switzerland participated by standing at the 7th kilometer distributing goods.
20220926_13 Horizonte celebrates.jpg
Through cinema, music and exhibitions, 13 East-European and Central-Asian embassies invite to cultural exchange in Berlin.
‘So, the traditional costume, dress, haircut and accessories are a way of showing that as a country we are different but open to everyone and open to negotiation.’
20200320_The Bilateral Ties.jpg
H.E. Anthony Mukwita and his thoughts on the Zambia-Germany relation
20200319_The Power Of Colors.jpg
An exhibition on returning to the roots with Willy M. Gbedji
20200313_The beautiful Art.jpg
A different way to represent the Egyptian culture
20220929_Malaysian Born Painter.jpg
“Cats and Girls”- the exhibition of Caroline Wong, a Malaysian born painter living in London, sharing her work in Berlin
20220930_New German-African Energy.jpg
The German-African energy agreement will help Germany and African countries to leave fossil fuels in the past
20220930_Discover Berlin by Bike.jpg
Berlin attracts a lot of tourists and so the variety of guided tours are a great way to discover Berlin’s culture and history
20220921_Visit the Schloss Garten.jpg
Pay the beautiful Schweriner Schloss a visit in the North Eastern district of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
Common Affairs Exhibition to Open at Deutsche Bank Art Gallery
German car manufacturer, Daimler Chrysler, created the Daimler Art Collection to promote cultural education
Deutsche Telekom Foundation provides support to the education of young people through the Deutsche Telekom Foundation
His Excellency Alberto Correia Neto, Former Ambassador of Angola in Berlin, talks to Berlin Global
Ambassador Kheswar Jankee Opens up about Mauritius’ Potential in Business, Explaining how Positively the Deeply Rooted Cultural Integration of the Island has Affected it
Her Excellency Nongnuth Phetcharatana, Ambassador of Thailand in Berlin, talks to Berlin Global
Sitona Abdalla Osman (Ambassador of South Sudan to Germany)