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ICD and AWYO Development Conference: Promoting Cultural Exchange Between Africa and Germany

April 17th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The fourth edition of the Community Enterprise Development Conference (CED), took place at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy on Sunday April 13th, hosted by the Executive Director of the African Women and Youth Organization, Mrs Olayinka Adekunle. The AWYO in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Potsdam (IHK) designed the Community Enterprise Development (CED) Conference as a platform for promoting cultural exchange between Africa and Germany.

The aim of this year’s conference was to allow for speakers to discuss the cultural and economic developmental plans for Nigeria in relation to agricultural sustainable growth. The Keynote speaker Dr. Alexander Mathys, who was present on behalf of the German Institute of Food Technologies in order to discuss bio-economy initiatives, a concept involving the manufacturing of bio-products, which he hopes Nigeria can benefit from in terms of agricultural sustainable growth.

In addition, there was a particular focus on women and youth empowerment in relation to democratic and human development in Nigeria. The AWYO has developed a broad objective of fostering economic and cultural development within Nigerian communities, in partnership with transnational corporations. Guests in attendance included members of Nigerian civil society, members of the Lagos State Local Council, as well as the Ambassador of Nigeria to Germany.

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