German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass Delivers Speech about Electoral Situation in Venezuela

Speech of support in the German Bundestag acknowledges the dire need for action regarding Venezuelans and the humanitarian crisis

February 12th, 2019
Alexander Stefanovic, News from Berlin
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The German Foreign Minister, Heiko Mass delivered a speech in the German Bundestag on January 30th, 2019 about the hard circumstances in Venezuela and possible transition back to the democratic values. Mr. Mass underlined to the international community that the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela must be addressed and urgently responded to.

The themes of social security, happiness and stability were addressed as the backbone and underlying factors which should be given and provided by a stable and legitimate government. However it is more than evident according to results and to Mr. Mass that Venezuela is in a steep decline and at the expense of the people.

Human rights and the rule of law are elements that make up a legitimate state and when the average citizens are dying of disease and when over 80% of the population is unable to afford food then it is more than a pressing issue. With over 3 million Venezuelans fleeing the country at a rate of avg 5000 people per day speaks for itself.

What Germany and international organizations are working on is to help refugees with medicine, water and food and try to cooperate with neighboring countries to coordinate proper assistance. With the fresh elections, hope for the people is there for a better life.


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