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25 years of Freedom in Poland

June 06th, 2014

News from Berlin - On the 4th June, 2014 an exhibition on the occasion of the anniversary of the 25th elections in Poland as well as the screening of the movie called ‘’Der Augenblick Dauert an’’ (The Moment Lasts) took place in Berlin city at the Polnisches Institut (Polish Institute) in Burgstrasse 27 at 19:00.

4th June was exactly the day where 25 years after first free elections of Poland took place in the Polish Institute in Berlin. The exhibition was displayed to the public that attended the event along with the open-air gathering where people could network and enjoy the sun and free wine. Then the screening of the movie took place directly on the opposite side of the Island Museum.

The document of Michał Bielawski ‘’Der Augenblick Dauert an’’ showed official and unofficial sources, photographs and notes of Polish witnesses as well as presenting the year of 1989 as the time of changes and big hopes.

On the line with the movie the exhibition which also took place at the Institute was following the exact same title as the screening which was prepared by a pair of Polish artists named Ania and Adam Witkowski. The artists presented old objects, videos and photographs which represented the spirit of 90s period in Poland. The exhibition also included a short movie from the shipyard in Gdansk which was filmed immediately after the partial closure of the shipyard. It impressively illustrated how nature slowly recaptured the former industrial area.

The main guests that were invited to this event were the artists Ania and Adam Witkowski as well as the Minister-Counselor of Polish Embassy in Berlin.

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