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German Embassy Organizes Exhibition of German Culture in Moldova

May 09th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The German Embassy in Moldova is organizing a week-long event that will commemorate and praise the past and present the influence of German culture and citizens to the country. The series of events include the premiere of the movie ‘Acasa, in Marienfeld (Nach Hause, nach Marienfeld)’ in Moldova, a concert dedicated to Carol Schmidt, the former mayor of Chisinau. The event will also include a two-day conference and exhibition, both with the same theme:  ‘German Footprints in the Republic of Moldova 1814-2014: Tradition and Modernization’.

These events aim to revive the period in which German colonies were formed in Basarabia almost 200 years ago, and the development of the social and cultural relations between Germany and Moldova ever since. The conference, held at the Science Academy of Moldova, will serve as a platform for dialogue between scientists from Moldova and Germany and the public about possible future cooperation between the two countries.

The event aims to raise awareness of this crucial and fascinating element in the development and transformation of the Republic of Moldova. The opening ceremony will take place on May 12th at the National Museum of Art in Moldova, in the presence of the Vice-President of the German Bundestag, Ulla Schimdt.

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