Drum Workshop for African Refugees

Afrika Center in Berlin aims to connect people through music

February 04th, 2019
Kristina Jochmannová, News from Berlin
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Source of the picture: Afrika Center Berlin

The Africa Center Berlin organizes a series of drum- workshops where the refugees from African countries will work as a team. On Friday, February 15th the last workshop will take place in Afrika Center on Hohenstaufenstrasse 3. The event starts at 6:30 pm and can accommodate up to 15 participants. Instruments are provided.

The main idea behind the drum- workshop is the intercultural education in which music connects people coming from various backgrounds while working out the diversity of cultures and values together through music. The contacts with the foreign culture are enabled through the musical means and the “one-world-idea” is promoted. During the 1, 5 hours long course, a short composition will be prepared in the group and presented to the public at the end of the workshop series.

The facilitator of the workshop Ayo Nelson-Homiah comes originally from Gambia. He has developed a unique, interactive and instructive style of introducing students and adults of all ages to the value in “Working in Rhythm”. By this means he aims to give the participants the positive support for past trauma and to create the friendly environment for creating new relationships amongst the intercultural group.

Contact: Gamton Percussion (Ayo)
Tel: 01521- 2110386

Afrika Center
Hohenstaufenstrasse 3
10781 Berlin
Tel: 030-216 9170
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