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Berlin Radio Plays “The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map”

January 27th, 2014

“The Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map”

Performance of soundscape held earlier this month at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin


Robin Minard on Baffin Island in Canada’s Nunavut Territory (photo:

News from Berlin. Following the success of the Robin Minard’s performance of “The “Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map” at the Canadian Embassy earlier this month, the soundscape will be aired on Deutschlandradio Kultur on January 31st. The original performance held at the embassy was accompanied by film footage shot during the Nunavut research by filmmaker, Susan Meinhardt.

“Qikiqtaaluk” is what the Inuit call the Baffin Island in the Canadian Region of Nunavut. Sound artist, Robin Minard went on an expedition to the Nunavut in the winter of 2012/2013 in search for traces of the Inuit culture. The results were astounding; he recorded a variety of sounds in and around the city of Iqaluit such as urban noises, Inuit throat singing, silence and interview fragments, which revealed the fascinating Inuit culture.

Robin Minard was born in 1953 in Montreal. Since 1997 he has worked as a professor of electroacoustic composition and sound design at the Academy of Music Franz Liszt and the Bauhaus University in Weimar, where he also manages the studio for electroacoustic music

You can listen to “The “Qikiqtaaluk Deep Map” on Friday, 31st January, at 0:05 as part of the series “Klangkunst”  (Sound Art) aired on Deutschlandradio Kultur

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