Women’s Column: Nasheeka Nedsreal’s Journey

From Louisiana to Berlin: A Multidisciplinary Artist's Exploration of Identity, Ritual, and Improvisation

April 08th, 2023
Daniela Desantis, News from Berlin
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Nasheeka Nedsreal is a performance artist from Louisiana whose work explores identity, female and African diasporic narratives, intimacy, ritual, and improvisation. After studying Dance and Fine Arts, she moved to Berlin, where she has produced a body of work that has been showcased at various venues in Germany, the USA, and India. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Nedsreal's work and how it promotes intercultural dialogue and understanding.

Nasheeka Nedsreal is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer, and choreographer from Louisiana who has been making waves in the international art scene. Her work explores subjects related to identity, ritual, futurism, play, and improvisation, incorporating the use of voice, collage, found objects, textiles, and masking. Her approach to movement and performance is unique.

Nedsreal's interest in the arts started at a young age when she began dancing. She went on to study Dance and Fine Arts at university, where she developed a passion for exploring different art forms and mediums. After completing her studies, she moved to Berlin, where she has been based for the past years.

In Berlin, Nedsreal has produced a body of work that has been showcased at various venues, including Ballhaus Naunynstraße, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Ada Studio, Dock11, and many others. Her performances often explore the intersection of identity and culture, drawing on her own experiences as a woman of color.

One of Nedsreal's most notable achievements is the founding of Soul Sister Berlin, a collective dedicated to connecting women (and all who identify as women) of color throughout Germany and Europe. The collective provides a platform for intercultural dialogue and understanding, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the arts.

Nedsreal's work highlights the importance of diverse representation in the arts and the role that cultural diplomacy can play in promoting cross-cultural exchange and understanding. Her performances, teaching, and founding of Soul Sister Berlin have created a platform for connecting women of color throughout Germany and Europe, promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding.

In addition to her work as a performance artist, Nedsreal also works as a fashion model, stylist, actress, and childhood educator, teaching English, Dance, and Theatre in schools throughout Germany. In 2016, she began teaching a Contemporary Fusion dance class for women of color under the title Black and Brown Bodies in Motion, a phrase coined by Valerie McMillan. Her teaching further promotes inclusivity and diversity in the arts, creating a space for underrepresented voices to be heard and celebrated.

In 2017, Nedsreal joined the Berlin-based dance company Grupo Oito, where she continues to work and perform today. She has also been a guest dancer at the Schauspielhaus Zurich and was a 2022 artist in residence at Black Rock Senegal. Nedsreal's work has been recognized both locally and internationally.

In conclusion, Nasheeka Nedsreal's artistic exploration of identity, ritual, and improvisation through movement and performance has made her an important figure in the field of cultural diplomacy. Her work promotes intercultural dialogue and understanding, highlighting the importance of diverse representation in the arts. Through her performances, teaching, and founding of Soul Sister Berlin, Nasheeka Nedsreal has become an influential figure in promoting intercultural dialogue, understanding, and inclusivity within the arts.


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