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The Bergmannstrasse Festival In Kreuzberg: a truly Multicultural Experience

For 3 days, Kreuzberg Will Boast a Multi-cultural Atmosphere and Lots of Jazz Music

June 13th, 2016

The Bergmannstraßenfest is a three day open-air street festival running the length of Bergmannstraße in Kreuzberg. The festival offers international food, works of art, handmade crafts and much more. With its open-minded and multi-cultural atmosphere it attracts tourists and locals alike. Around fifty national and international bands and ensembles will present jazz music on three stages: on the corners of Mehringdamm, Nostitzstraße and Zossener Straße from 24th until 26th of June.

Every year Kreuzberg's Bergmannstrasse, one of the most attractive and diverse areas in the heart of Berlin's old city, transforms into a must-see scene for jazz and music fans. Over the years the street festival has also represented the multicultural spirit of the German capital, showing the open-minded mentality of the city and acceptance of a multitude of different cultures.

In the 1980s, Kreuzberg was the part of Berlin where multiculturalism flourished, becoming a legendary island of the foreign, the “Other,” and the poor. This neighborhood came to symbolise “the ghetto” of West Berlin and still dominates popular thinking about ethnic spaces and cultural difference in Germany today. Kreuzberg has always been a working-class area, popular with migrant families, ever since the arrival of the Protestant Huguenot refugees from France in the 17th century and of Eastern European factory workers in the 19th century.

The festival combines Kreuzberg's characteristic lively atmosphere with stunning music, great food and a multicultural feel-good factor that will undoubtedly help you discover and appreciate the diversity and brilliance of diverse cultures from across the world.



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Jessica Sama, Berlin Global