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August 15th, 2014

News from Berlin - The WILD – Animals in Contemporary Photography exhibition is open for a couple of weeks longer for those who have not yet had the chance to see it. Aspects of human nature and animals and our coexistence and interaction with them are shown in a sometimes dramatic, sometimes playful or ironic manner. The social, economic, material, cultural, religious and symbolic dimensions of how animals throughout history interact with our lives are displayed in contemporary photography. The messages of the pictures, together with the visual expression, aims to spread happiness amongst the visitors. On display are over 70 photographic images produced by over 35 artists. They show the contrast between closeness and distance, and the visual portrayal of friendship. The objects in the pictures are animals in their natural habitats, domestic animals, or even depictions of dead animals. The well-established idea of the interaction between humans and animals is put in a modern context through the artistic method so as to reminds us that we are only a small part of nature and the diversity of life. The exhibition is open Tue-Sun, 11-18 until September 14th.


For more information, visit the website of the gallery: www.alfred-ehrhardt-stiftung.de


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