Deutsche Post DHL Group improving future opportunities of young people

September 10th, 2018
Kristina Lindla, News from Berlin

Sustainability, innovative power and the long-term success of the economies and societies depends on an effective educational system and the development of the next generation of working professionals.

Being one of the largest employers worldwide, Deutsche Post DHL Group has established a Group-wide program “GoTeach” as a way to improve educational opportunity for young people and prepare them for the working world.

The “GoTeach” program is implemented in the collaboration with two established partners: “Teach for All” and “SOS Children’s Village.” Together with these partners, Deutsche Post DHL Group aims to help children and young people from various socio-economic backgrounds to develop their potential, learn new skills and access opportunities for their career development.

In partnership with “Teach For All,” Deutsche Post DHL Group launched a network of 48 independent partner organizations around the world working to improve educational opportunities in their respective countries. “Teach For All” partner organizations recruit and train university graduates and young professionals to serve as teachers for two years at a school in a high-need community. The initiative is mutually beneficial for both sides of participants - students improve their academic performance and the teaching participants build their leadership skills.

Deutsche Post DHL Group has been partners with “SOS Children’s Village” since 2011. This collaboration focuses mainly on supporting young people between the ages of 15 and 25 as they make the transition from school to working life. Employees of the Group mentor and motivate these young individuals as they step into the world of work by sharing their own professional and personal experiences.

Given the large number of the “GoTeach” program countries, the formats and implementation of activities vary greatly and are tailored to suit the needs and contexts of the specific region.


News from Berlin