Finnish Prime Minister Rinne Meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin

As Finland begins its EU presidency, Rinne agrees with Merkel on the priorities of the EU vis à vis current challenges

July 11th, 2019
Greta Isola, News from Berlin
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The two leaders met on Wednesday in Berlin, where Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne, in order to publicly discuss the future of the EU as Finland begins its EU presidency

The meeting between Rinne and Merkel has been quite fruitful and has shown how the two leaders are on the same page for what concerns and hopes for the future of the EU. They have in fact agreed, during the press conference, how the main issues the EU will need to tackle in the upcoming years are sustainability and thus climate change, the strengthening of the rule of law all across the Union, along with democracy and freedom of expression, which, contrarily to common belief, have not been reached everywhere in the EU.

This meeting among the two leaders has become extremely famous due to footages of Merkel shaking uncontrollably during the German Anthem, an occurrence which has triggered concern over Merkel’s health condition. The German Chancellor has reassured the country by stating her shaking was due to dehydration and that it is no cause for concern over her capability to carry out her duties.


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