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When Europe Meets Africa: African Artist Georges Adéagbo Exposed During the Gallery Weekend Berlin

May 07th, 2014

News from Berlin - The Gallery Weekend Berlin (May 2nd – May 4th) was the occasion for artists from all around the world to present their work in more than 50 galleries in the German capital. The Beninese sculptor Georges Adéagbo was one of these artists. Indeed for Georges Adéagbo the Gallery Weekend Berlin was the starting point of the exhibition he is holding in Barbara Wien Gallery (Berlin, Schöneberg) until July 25th.  The theme of the exhibition is “Artists and Handwriting”.

For this exhibition Georges Adéagbo gathered German books and newspapers articles, pictures of GDR and combined them with African sculptures and other African objects linked to his life in Cotonou (Benin). The purpose it to builds a bridge between the African and the Occidental culture and to raise awareness of various topics such as racism, political indoctrination, the history of the independence of African countries, handwriting and learning or the relation between power and education.

Through “Artists and Handwriting” Georges Adéagbo raises questions and problems, which are the concern of both Africa and Europe, and provides the audience with enigmatic answers. BY gathering objects to transmit a message and to create a new meaning he invites the visitor into rethinking the way they see the world and to open their eyes to other cultures and traditions. Gathering objects to build sculptures is the spirit of Georges Adéagbo art. “I do not pick up just anything. All the objects I collect are part of the story of my life” he says.

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