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Improvisational Theatre with International Flair

March 24th, 2014

News from Berlin - Last Friday saw the opening event of Impro Festival 2014 take place at the ‘Theater am Kurfürstendamm’. The festival, which offers various shows and plays inspired by improvisational theatre, lasts until March 30th. The shows take place in eight theatres in numerous locations around Berlin. Impro Festival conducts workshops, theatre pieces and jam sessions in French, English and German and offers to draw in a diverse and multinational crowd.

The International Festival for Improvisational Theatre first took place in 2001 and has steadily gained in standing and popularity in Berlin. With its ever expanding lineup and cast, it has been argued that it has become one of the most distinguished festivals of this genre in Europe. This is also underlined by the lineup this year which boasts 30 participants from 13 different countries. The festival aims at promoting the popularity of improvisational theatre in Berlin. However, over the years it has, with its ever increasing lineup, tried to attract acts from around the globe to present the audience with new developments and techniques in the field of improvisational theatre. The ten so-called ‘Impro Tage’ promise to offer audiences a multifaceted and international experience and have been anticipated avidly by numerous actors, whilst also enjoying favourable previews from numerous media outlets.


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