Africa’s number one upcoming business place

Mauritius Investment Seminar

February 17th, 2020
Imela Benie Boda, News from Berlin
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Berlin, Germany – On Wednesday 12 February 2020 the Economic Development Board Mauritius (EDB) held an investment seminar co-organized by the Afrika Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft. It was EDB its first time holding a seminar in Berlin. The goal of the seminar was to strengthen the African-German bridge that will offer many opportunities for both sides.

The Republic of Mauritius has been for years ranked as Africa’s number one. Other than being a tropical touristic destination, Mauritius is also one of Africa’s wealthiest destinations and least corrupt countries. Thanks to investment in human development it became a prosperous investment place. EDB shared during the seminar different reasons why Mauritius is a good investment destination. For example, it is geographically well located between the African and Asian continent; it is very well connected to Europe with many daily flights; it has good infrastructures, and it has a wide range of investors and business developers. EDB has been working for years on Mauritius’ development and with its interest in the high-tech market and innovation, it also focuses on artificial intelligence and Blockchain today.

High-tech is one of the many services that Mauritius offers. Other services are tourism, medicine, ICT, export, infrastructure industries, for example, the expansion of their airport, and few manufacturing companies like jewelry, which is at the same time Mauritius’ biggest manufacturing. Related to that last one EDB also envisioned to increase the export sector. Other big areas Mauritius would like to enter and improve is green technology and invest in a blue economy. Within the last one, the focus lays on seafood processing while within the green ecology recycling and renewable energy is important. Finally, one of the newest concepts will be the creation of smart cities. A program that will help to create a working, living and leisure destination with its own resources, smart modern transportation, and reduced traffic mass. Mauritius is planning on becoming a global smart country for international business.


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