Tokyo Blurred: 25 Years of Japan

On the occasion of the "Schöneberger Art 2018," the Israeli Embassy in Berlin presents the art exhibitionThe Japanese Embassy in Berlin promotes the upcoming exhibition “Tokyo Blurred” by Peter Brune

November 11th, 2018
Maria Mochalova, News from Berlin
20181111_Tokyo Blurred.jpg

The exhibition “Tokyo Blurred” will be available for the visitors from 10th of January 2019 until 30th May 2019 in the Mori Ogai Gedenkstätte, the Japanese Language and Cultural Center within the Humboldt University in Berlin.

The photographs of the exhibition are made by Peter Brune, who is currently 55 years old, and who works not only as a photographer, but also as a web designer. Peter Brune was born in East Germany, specifically in Magdeburg and spent his school years in Berlin.  

Peter Brune used to be a passionate traveller, but after visiting more than 60 countries, he settled down in his favourite country of all of them – Japan. At this very moment he has been a resident of this country for more than 16 years.

The exhibition includes black and white photographs that Peter Brune has been collecting for more than 25 years. The photographs are unique in the sense that they tend to be cleared from all the stereotypical tourist assumptions about Japan.

The main motives of the photographs include smaller romantic streets and the sky over Tokyo. Peter Brune’s aim is to introduce a different point of view of how to see Tokyo and to prove his point that this city is not strictly connected only with high technologies and development, but also has different side. 

The official opening of the exhibition is going to be on the 10th of January starting at 18:00 in the Mori Ogai Gedenkstätte, Luisenstr, 39, 10117 Berlin. The vernissage of the exhibition will be accompanied by music written by Daniel Dorsch.


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