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The World from a Chilean Perspective

Contemporaneous Chilean art approaches the beauty of life from two singular and innovative perspectives

June 14th, 2016
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The Micro-Macro Life is the name of the new exhibition taking place until Tuesday 31st of May in the Embassy of Chile in Berlin. The artists, Dominga Vergara and Rommy González, project the world that surround us from two contrasting perspectives.

While Vegara paints with an expressive style about her perception of the world, González uses design techniques to show us the beauty hidden in the smallest pieces of nature.

Defiantly, we find instinct and emotion in Vergara´s work. There is passion in the thick lines and sentiment in the stains. Colors are mixed to create an impression that the viewer cannot easily ignore. She builds an atmosphere that raises from her paints and fills the room, and she exposes us to the other dimension of life: The Macro Life.

Contrarily, Rommy González accurately traces the story of nature. She designs incredible truthful art from things that normally scape to the human eye, creating fantastic pieces of work that appear as magical representations of life. Her work talks about the Micro Life; she reaches to show us the amazing immensity of the tiniest organisms. In her own words “the parallelism between the different cell types specifies that only few tiny differences are responsible for the infinite diversity of nature”.

Regarding the Embassy of Chile, it is one of the most culturally active embassies in Berlin. Their support to artistic events and their effort for preserving the Chilean art, music, and literature is both big and admirable.

With this exhibition, the public will not only be in touch with the micro and macro perspectives of life but also have the opportunity to discover the unique point of view of Chilean creative minds.


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Marina Bartolomé, Berlin Global