The Ambassador of Albania presents to the German Federal Foreign Office, Europe's hidden Gem Tourist Destination, its Chances and its Challenges

On April 9th the Ambassador Ms. Adia Sakiqi, Ambassador of Albania to Germany, was honored to present the multidimensional presentation of a closer look at Albania's past, present and future tourism development

April 15th, 2024
Marina R. Ferrández Esclapez, News from Berlin
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The Ambassador of the Republic of Albania, Ms. Adia Sakiqi, recently had the honor of presenting at the International Club in the German Federal Foreign Office, where she shed light on Albania's status as Europe's hidden gem tourist destination and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Albania has quietly become a sought-after tourist destination in recent years, and Ambassador Sakiqi's presentation on April 9 delved into the nation's past, present, and future in tourism development. Central to her talk were insights into Albania's foreign policy and its active engagement in multilateralism, notably during its Chairmanship of the OSCE and its non-permanent seat at the UNSC in 2022/2023. The presentation also highlighted Albania's ongoing reforms in preparations for EU membership and its proud role as a NATO member, contributing to regional stability.

During the subsequent Q&A session, the Ambassador underscored the pivotal role tourism plays in shaping a country's external image and its profound impact on economic development and EU accession. She emphasized Albania's national priorities, including its commitment to the Green Agenda and the development of the Vjosa National River Park, signaling the nation's dedication to sustainable growth and environmental conservation.


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