Street Food Concept in Berlin

Diversity of Tastes in Markthalle Neun

June 22nd, 2017
Anna Varava, News from Berlin
2017_06_22 Street Food Concept in Berlin.jpg

Neun Market has become the place of cuisine delight since April 2013 through the international street food market it holds. The market is filled with various types of food from different corners of the world, being the perfect place to have a multicultural “taste”.

When eating, people should enjoy a moment of rest, of communion with others and of well-being. Eating can also be about culture, tradition, sharing, about understanding habits and origins of food. In this way, Markthalle Neun is a place to learn about food. Its concept of street food is perceived as bringing people closer through food, making them enjoy the food and know other cultures “in the street”. The “Streetfood Thursday” shows that Berlin has much more to offer when it comes to cuisine than the typical currywurst and doner.

The market becomes, thus, a platform where all the passionate people about cooking can let themselves be guided by their culinary creativity in order to make people taste authentic and fresh food from all over the world. This is, actually, another aspect of the multicultural city of Berlin. The diversity can be seized through the very different dishes that can satisfy any taste: British pies, Thai Tapioka Dumplings, Mexican Tacos, Allgauer Kasspatzen, Peruvian Ceviche, Nigerian FuFu, American Barbeque, Korean Buns and many more.

Moreover, once a month, the place hosts the so called “Breakfast Market” and every two years there is Good Food Festival taking place in the market. Here, the market is again filled with handmade cuisine and products from the region, the festival offering not only a rich variety of food, but also various workshops, dialogues on the cooking culture, “We have it full” congress.

Markthalle Neun is, thereby, the place where food is presented in different forms through lots of festivals and special days. Besides tasting the food, people educate themselves in nutrition and, most important, understand the culinary artistry, becoming more aware about the different cultures from all over the world.


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