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Explore Japanese culture in Berlin

June 16th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The Japanese-German centre in Berlin is on Saturday the 21st of June holding an open house. There will be a variety of activities and entertainment offered, all in relation to the Japanese culture. The day will start with the opportunity to try some traditional Japanese art styles such as:

Ikebana (flower arranging) with a following exhibition

Boneski (creating miniature Landscape out of Sand and Stones on a Tablet)

Origami and Furoshiki (folding and wrapping art)

Calligraphy style called Shûji

Workshop in how to draw Manga figures.

It will also be possible to get an introduction and demonstration in Shiatsu (acupressure). In the afternoon a panel discussion will be organized on the topic “Energy Policies in Germany and Japan” as well as a presentation about the German-Japanese Exchange Programs held by the centre with lectures, photos and videos. The day will be rounded off with a Concert by various Japanese musicians, which will perform both traditional and more modern music. Japanese food and refreshments will be offered throughout the day.

The Japanese-German Centre in Berlin promotes and works towards deepen the Japanese-German cooperation in the fields of science and culture. The centre does this by organizing conferences, cultural events, language courses and exchange programs.


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