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Müller Meets UNHCR Representative António Guterres

July 04th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On Thursday, July 3rd the high refugee commissioner of the UN, António Guterres visited the BMZ for a meeting with the German Federal Minister Dr. Gerd Müller, to highlight the value of the UNHCR in resolving the current refugee problematic.

During the meeting Minister Müller said: ‘We are currently experiencing the worst refugee crisis for 50 years. The number of people in the world who are escaping from their home countries is rising daily at a suppressing level – the weight is mainly carried by the developing countries. During my travels to Jordan, the Republic of Central Africa and South Sudan I experienced the hardship of the refugees. The international community can and must do more to open up long term development perspectives, strengthen the receiving countries and fight the causes of the new refugee crises.’

The UNHCR recently produced its yearly report which found that over the past year 51 million people are on the run, many of those in their own country - Half of these are children.

Furthermore Müller stated that the UNHCR is contributing much needed work to protect and attend to the refugees all across the world in some of the most unthinkable circumstances. Therefore Germany is strengthening the collaboration in searching for a solution for the continuous refugee crisis and for the reintegration of those refugees in society. He said: ‘We can no longer swallow the fact that two thirds of the refugees across the world are spending around 17 years in refugee camps!’

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