L'horizon des événements: Exploring New Frontiers of French Art at Les Vitrines

Doudou by Vava Dudu: A Temporal Journey into Tenderness and Imaginary Realms

May 17th, 2023
Joana Sakaj, News from Berlin
20230517_L horizon des evenements.jpg

Les Vitrines is an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing French art, initiated by the Bureau des arts plastiques of the French Institute of Germany and the French Institute of Berlin. The current exhibition series, titled "L'horizon des événements," is curated by Fanny Testas and features visual identity by the collective Bye Bye Binary (Eugénie Bidaut, Roxanne Maillet, and Léna Salabert). Three French artists, Vava Dudu, Lola Barrett, and Fanny Taillandier, have been invited to create exhibitions throughout the year that explore new science-fiction narratives and imaginaries, presenting themselves as time capsules or vortexes.

Vava Dudu's exhibition, "Doudou," takes viewers on a temporal journey into her personal world, offering a horizon filled with tenderness. Faced with an uncertain future, the artist seeks solace by enveloping herself in clouds, photos, fantasies, and dream-reality. She strives to capture a contemporary caress in response to the world's aggressions, employing soft and comforting language and the gentle texture of absorbent cotton. Her poetic expression is rooted in an imaginative realm that mirrors her memories of Berlin, weaving together her creative experiences and encounters to embody the pursuit of beauty. Vava Dudu's work encapsulates the belief that the future is already here.

Vava Dudu, born in Paris in 1970 and currently residing there, resided in Berlin from 2012 to 2018. The artist embraces her position as an outsider in contemporary art, stating a preference for extremes over the middle ground. Her work as a stylist and artist intersects with her role as a singer in the group La Chatte, founded in 2003 alongside Stéphane Argillet and Nicolas Jorio, with whom she has released four albums. Her artistic universe merges text and drawings, joyfully expressed across various mediums.


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