Lecture at the Croatian Embassy on International Women's Day: "Zagorka - a Woman for all Time"

Celebrating the First Croatian Professional Journalist and Beloved Author

April 11th, 2024
Snejana Melnic, News from Berlin
20240411 Lecture at the Croatian Embassy.jpg

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, 6th March 2024, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia hosted a lecture spotlighting Marija Jurić Zagorka, celebrated as the nation’s first Croatian professional journalist and the most widely read author.

This significant event, themed “Zagorka - a woman for all time,” was a collaborative effort organized by the Croatian cultural, art, and sports community in Berlin alongside the Voice of Croatia Berlin (“Hrvatski glas Berlin”) and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia.

Karmen Meić, President of the Croatian Cultural, Art, and Sports Community, inaugurated the session, welcoming attendees and announcing the forthcoming 40th-anniversary celebration of the association’s founding. This celebration, slated for May this year, will feature a festive program supported by the Central Office for Croats outside the Republic of Croatia.

Sonja Breljak, a qualified journalist and editor of “Hrvatski glas Berlin”, took the stage to delve into the life and works of Marija Jurić Zagorka. The audience engaged deeply with the presentation, underscoring the relevance of Zagorka’s advocacy for women’s rights and her role in shaping societal views on the position of women today.

The lecture was concluded with a musical segment, where members of the Croatian Cultural, Art, and Sports Community Berlin e.V. performed original songs, rounding off the celebration of Zagorka’s enduring legacy.

This event underscored the significance of Marija Jurić Zagorka’s contributions to journalism and literature, highlighting her as an inspiration for advancing women’s rights and social status.


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