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German-American Folk Festival: a tribute to a real partnership

Berlin is ready to host the German-American Folk Festival to experience the real American lifestyle

August 02nd, 2017
2017_08_02 German-American Folk Festival.jpg

Summertime in Berlin spreads an interesting series of cultural events, they are all inspired by the idea of cultural integration. Indeed, from the 21st of July until the 13th of August, Berlin hosts an event that tributes the friendship between United States and Germany in a well-balanced mix of culture and fun.

Until August 13 Berlin hosted in Marienpark, in Berlin-Mariendorf, a folkoloristic event called the “German-American Folk Festival”. This event promoted American lifestylesharing folks and good vibes in a multicultural environment, where people from different countries could meet and chill drinking and reading or just having a walk around historic cars. The staff put a great effort in order to create a traditional atmosphere, where everyone can feel comfortable and join intercultural events in a very remarkable way.

The event celebrates the partnership between two important countries such as United States and Germany, leading people to discover the real meaning of living in America without needing to leave Berlin. Finally, people could experience and get familiar with cultures that look so different from local traditions and in the meantime they could approach a scenario that offers a common understanding of living together beyond borders without denying behaviours or habits.

Through these activities Berlin affirms itself as one of the most important open cities in Europe where all differences are welcome and where everyone can feel at home. The effort put by Berlin to create a peaceful and extraordinary balance among different traditions highlights the ability of that city has to conduct a dialogue whenever it is possible.