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Commerzbank: a Bank of Empathy

Promoting diversified foundations in an effort to make the world beautiful

August 31st, 2018
Jannatul Ferdous, News from Berlin

Commerzbank, the most popular bank in the German Banking Industry, is involved with different projects and foundations to support ideas, make a sustainable contribution in the environment and the society.

Commerzbank is inspired by different kinds of foundations like the Commerzbank Foundation, the Jürgen Ponto Foundation, the Dresden Cultural Foundation of Dresden Bank and the Charitable Foundation.
The Commerzbank Foundation works for worldwide support programs about science, culture and social projects. For  example, in order to support scientific research, they incentivize the junior artist for inspiring them and strengthening the competitiveness in the research and teaching area.

For the safeguard of cultural heritage and promoting cultural education, Commerzbank provides also a “Mediation from the beginning” service.

For making people more socializing and be empathetic to each other, it developed a project “Close to fellow human being” where the motto is “Help disadvantaged people to become more self-determined
The Juergen Ponto Foundation was founded in the memory of Pontos commitment in 1977. It was mainly developed to encourage the artists of the next generation in Germany.

The Dresden Cultural Foundation of Dresden Bank was primarily established build a bridge between the Dresdener Bank and the Elbe city where the bank wants to preserve Dresden’s cultural identity. The endeavor of this foundation is bringing people together and makes contributions towards a powerful democratic society.

The Charitable Foundation, - most attractive and well known foundation where they help Bank colleagues, pensioners and the family members who need emergency help of money or anything, such as illness or any kind of physical, mental or psychological problem.


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