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Chamber Music Concert at the Nordic Embassy in Berlin

On the January 10th, the works of the two composers Nielsen and Sibelius will be performed by the Deutsch-Skandinavische Jugend-Philharmonie.

January 09th, 2015

The German Nordic Youth Philharmonic will perform at the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin, this Saturday. From 16 pm, with an introduction in German and Swedish language.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Germany under the sign of the music: the German Nordic Youth Philharmonic comes from a will to spread and deepen the knowledge of Nordic music in Germany, organizing both courses, in which young musicians can gain practical experience and concerts with pieces from composers of the Scandinavian area.

Founded in 1980, the Deutsche-Skandinavische Jugend-Philharmonie has been working as an officially recognized non-profit organization since 1988, with evident educational and cultural purposes addressed to young musicians of European countries.

Exactly like in an orchestra, where the different instruments are put together, but maintain their own specificity, the Deutsche-Skandinavische Jugend-Philharmonie succeeds in preserving the identity of each country. Although these are together, they do not end up becoming a vague or featureless amalgam, instead they are able to show their own musical culture.

This time, at the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin, two are the countries that particularly stand out, Denmark and Finland. On occasion of the 150th anniversary from the birth of the Danish composer Carl Nielsen and the Finnish Jean Sibelius, this Saturday their works will be performed by the young orchestra. The atmosphere will be very intimate, given the choice of pieces belonging to the Chamber music, in which both composers engaged themselves. The concert will be led and moderated both in German and in Swedish by its founder Andreas Peer Kähler, the composer himself but also music teacher. Kähler studied at the Berlin's University of Arts and also in Sweden and Finland.

The performance will be introduced providing the necessary background, highlighting the meaning of the works, the influences and the historical context in which Nielsen, considered the greatest Danish composer, and Sibelius, probably the main figure of Finnish national music identity, lived, in order to fully appreciate the performance.

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