Ambassador of Angola Balbina Silvia meets with Angolan Doctors based in Germany

Philanthropical and commercial collaboration between Angola and the German company MESSANI GmbH

April 09th, 2024
Alice Gnappa, News from Berlin
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The Angolan Ambassador to Germany received, on the 8th of April 2024, during the afternoon, at the Angolan Embassy in Berlin, 3 young Angolan doctors who own a health service provider.

The organising partner, MESANI GmbH, is a company created by an Angolan doctor living in Germany, who provides medical assistance in the field of Orthopedics. Arco Medical operates as an intermediary in terms of home care. The company, dedicated to supporting disadvantaged people, is interested in collaborating with Angola in philanthropic and commercial terms.

The intention was expressed today by the founder and General Manager of Mesani, Dr. Mesani René Lusadisu to the Angolan Ambassador to Germany, Balbina Silva during the meeting.

At the meeting, the representative of Angola, was presented with the services of Mesani, Arco Medical, ranging from counselling, to equipping clinics, organizing training cycles for medical staff, as well as to presenting innovative methods of diagnosis and therapy.

Mesani's management also informed the Angolan Ambassador that, with decades of experience in providing services, the company provides a variety of medical services and rehabilitation programs in Orthopedics and General Medicine.

The resident doctors for more than 30 years in Germany expressed interest in supporting and collaborating with Angola in the field of health, as a way of contributing to the socio-economic development of the country where they were born.


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