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Lakino: A Taste of Latin American Cinema in Berlin

April 01st, 2014

News from Berlin - The Lakino Short Film Awards take place this week, starting from April 2nd and continuing until April 6th. The shorts will be shown at Kino Babylon Mitte, Lichtblick Kino and at the Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi. The opening ceremony will be held this Wednesday, April 2nd, at
20:00 at the Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi.

Lakino is an organization supporting Latin American film makers by helping them to receive funding for their projects and providing a platform to show their completed works. Since 2013 Lakino has organized two separate film festivals per year, one for full-feature films, and the other for shorts, to be held in the fall and spring, respectively. Each festival incorporates a selection of award-winning and less-known films and shorts from Latin American filmmakers. The films are meant to provide a window through which audiences in Berlin can glimpse and better understand the unique cultures and realities present in Latin America.

The festival crew chose 112 films out of the 1,000 submitted which best represent the important issues present in Latin America today. Some of these themes include: the growing prominence of Brazil, issues relating to violence and human rights, as well as cross-border issues involving the LGBT community. There will also be a tribute to the author Julio Cortázar, in honor of his 100th birthday.

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