‘25 years Camera Work’

Within Germany and Berlin alike, mosques will open their doors to display their architecture and history, as well as information for tourists, locals and anyone interested on 3rd of October this year.An accessible exhibition celebrating 25 years’ worth of photography

September 21st, 2022
Maria Asklund, News from Berlin
20220921_25 years Camera Work.jpg

Image credits: CAMERA WORK

Until the 1st of October, the Camera Work Gallery is exhibiting pieces amassed during its past 25 years of existence. Within this impressive collection, visitors of the exhibition will find works of famous photographers such as Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, and Peter Beard.

The exhibition is curated by Philippe Garner, who is an internationally renowned expert of photography, and takes place on the Charlottenburger Kantstrasse. Describing itself as a “gallery for contemporary photography and vintage masterworks,” one gets acquainted with a wide variety of genres within photography. In this exhibition, a special emphasis is put on the highlights of the past quarter-century. Similarly, the visitors also learn about how the art of photography has changed during this time.

Since the 13th of August the exhibition has been open to visitors and now continues for the rest of September. This is a perfect occasion for tourists visiting autumnal Berlin. In fact, several of the photographs depict the city with its rich culture and history. For example, Thomas Billhardt’s photograph of a ‘Brother Kiss’ immediately makes us think about the city’s communist past. In addition, the exhibition also brings art from abroad into the German capital, as many of the displayed photographers have an international background.

In addition to the above-named photographers, a number of contemporary artists are put on display. Among others, promising names such as David Drebin, Russell James and Eugenio Recuenco have contributed their works. Displaying an exciting mix of different motives, there is something for everyone at ‘25 Years of Camera Work’. Admission is free, marking this as a perfect Berlin experience open for all.


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