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United on Climate Diplomacy Day

A Joint Debate in Berlin Focuses on Fostering a Culture of Sustainability

September 20th, 2016
Daniel Erhardt, News from Berlin

On the 14th of September, Climate Diplomacy Day offered an opportunity for young people, diplomats and experts to take part in a fruitful and constructive debate at the German Foreign Affairs Ministry, co-organized by the Embassies of the Republic of France, the Kingdom of Morocco and World Wildlife Fund Germany.

This month, ten young citizens from Germany, France and Morocco were selected to discuss their views on the future of sustainability and wildlife conservation during a debate with diplomatic figures and experts from the German government, media, NGOs and youth organizations.

The event was held under the motto ‘Climate Diplomacy of the Future’ and its goal was to heighten youth perception and opinion of the current and urgent matter of climate sustainability.

The topic of climate diplomacy has received greater attention since the first-ever universal and legally binding global climate deal was reached by 197 states at the end of the UN Climate Change Conference in 2015. Climate diplomacy deals with measures taken in order to ensure a responsible and sustainable future based on the UN sustainable development goals.

Cultural diplomacy continues to play a very important role in the achievement of these goals, as the different cultural views and perspectives on the matter of sustainability must be taken into account and embraced in order to protect the climate, natural resources and biodiversity, which all form part of our common heritage.

This link between culture and climate is exemplified by flora and fauna often being used as national symbols of pride on flags and coats of arms all over the world and often form part of countries’ national identity and culture; such as Mount Ararat for Armenians, Mount Fuji for the Japanese, the kangaroo for Australians and the rooster for the French.

The debate between young Germans and experts was the central event of the Climate Diplomacy Day, during which German diplomatic representatives from Berlin and around the world engaged in fostering dialogue in order to raise awareness of the importance of climate diplomacy.


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