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The Mexican Embassy and Its Cultural Role

The Mexican Embassy Is a Good Example of the Work some Embassies Do in the Promotion of their Culture

June 17th, 2016

The Cultural Section of the Embassy has as main objectives to strengthening cultural and educational ties between Mexico and Germany. Also, they promote artistic and cultural manifestations of Mexico and support various academic exchange programs.

The Embassy of Mexico seeks to promote and disseminate in Germany the plurality and cultural diversity of their country. To do so, it organizes and promotes cultural events of all kinds in collaboration with local cultural and academic institutions. Their events promote, among others, literature, music, painting, sculpture, dance, theater, photography, cinema, and gastronomy. The Cultural Section is also responsible for encouraging and promoting academic exchange through granting of scholarships to students and PhD students to carry out their studies.

One example of the work of the Cultural Section is the visit of the Sailing Ship Cuauhtémoc. The Ship will visit the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven in the Federal Republic of Germany, within the activities of the Year Dual Mexico-Germany and the travel practices "Ibero-Atlantic 2016".

The embassy of Mexico has a crucial and a positive role in the dissemination of the Mexican culture in Germany. As well, it does a valuable work in political relations. Mexico and Germany share the interest in strengthening the multilateral system and maintaining close cooperation in international forums on issues of common interest such as democracy, respect for human rights, environmental protection, the codification of law and federalism.

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