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The Ecuadorian Embassy Promotes International Education

The Ecuadorian embassy supported the exchange of Knowledge during the Third Meeting of Ecuadorian Students in Europe

June 17th, 2016

The Third Meeting of Ecuadorian Students in Europe was held at the Technical University of Berlin. The event counted with the participation of leading researchers and representatives of the Ecuadorian government.

The embassy of Ecuador supported the Third Meeting of Ecuadorian Students in Europe with the main objective of breaking the tradition of an elite that wants to dominate through ignorance and inertia the exportation of primary products and the secondary importers. They are clear that the dependence of knowledge involves no freedom for the people; and there can be no social or individual freedom without the emancipation of thought.

Therefore, the Third Meeting of Ecuadorian Students in Europe represented a real opportunity for those who wanted to improve their knowledge and, at the same time, wanted to be an active part of the development of Ecuador. Joining the efforts of international leading institutions they promoted the transformation of Ecuador, within the framework of building a social knowledge economy.

During the first day, the secretary of SENESCYT leaded a conference about the "Social Knowledge Economy for the change of the productive matrix and Good Living ". After that, the Minister Karl Marx Carrasco, of the Ministry of Labor relations, talked about the "Job placement and the articulation of fellows with the country's development ". The second day of the meeting there was a workshop about networking: "Exhibition on the principles and scope of a network. Launch of the Red Fellowship: advantages, constraints, opportunities, and concrete commitments to strengthen networking".

The main topics of the meeting were Education, Arts and Humanities; Economics and Social; Higher education, Science and Technology; Bio-knowledge and environmental policies in the Ecuador and worldwide; Information technology and Communication; Energy efficiency and Energy renewable; Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary; and Health & Wellness.

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