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Students from the Berlin Summer Program European Courses From the Freie Universität Visit the Spanish Embassy for a Multicultural Colloquium

37 International Students From More Than 10 Countries Participated In the Colloquium Held By the Spanish Embassy in Berlin in Collaboration With the Freie Universität.

August 07th, 2015
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On August 6th the Spanish Embassy organized an academic journey dedicated to a plethora of international students in order to raise awareness of the role Spain plays in the European context.

The journey was led by the Chargé d'Affaires who encouraged the students to discuss about European diplomacy, among many other issues. This day is turning into a tradition between both institutions that will carry on developing alongside many other initiatives. It is hoped that both can give the students a global vision of their professional field and will also bring both countries closer.

In addition the students had the chance of visiting the Rufina Santana Exhibition located in the cultural area which has been on display since July 10th under the title Puntos de Vista. Through the paintings the visitor had the chance of getting a closer look at Spanish culture. The journey would not have been possible without the active participation of the Freie Universität, one of the most important academic institutions in Berlin which is very active in the field of international relations, and did not hesitate to give its students the chance to get in touch with the diplomatic sphere.

During the day, the students showed special interest in current affairs issues such as the Greek crisis or immigration. On top of all, the youths made known their interest for diplomatic affairs and commented on the difficulties that may arise during their professional lives.

Once more, this kind of initiative shows the good relations between Spain and Germany, two countries that are willing to give their younger population a complete educational background accompanied by all the practical experiences they can offer.


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